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  1. Just wanted to bubble up a new post to let you know I just updated my DuckDuckGo workflow from over a year ago to support the new (and lovely) DuckDuckGo Next. This is still a mod of David Ferguson's awesome Google Suggest Workflow. The only difference is that it uses DuckDuckGo Next to do the actual search. More details over on the candler blog. Download Google Auto Complete to DDG Next.zip DuckDuckGo Next actually has autocompletions, but I wouldn't know how to get those into the Alfred workflow yet. For now the autocompletions still go through Google Suggest. Here's a vintage scre
  2. Hmm. I just tested this and it's working on my end. Is this still happening?
  3. I made a workflow to search the Ulysses database for the new Ulysses III. This feature is missing from the app itself (for now) so I put together this workflow to get around that. The workflow simply adds search scopes for Ulysses' "sheet" and "group" filetypes. As a bonus, there's also an "Open in Ulysses" File Action included with the workflow. It works on .txt and .rtf documents, which will come into Ulysses parsed as Markdown. Read more on my site or download Search Ulysses 3.alfredworkflow now.
  4. Awesome overview of workflow etiquette. Two questions come to mind: Should download links go directly to the download or to the download page. I've been using direct download page so dl starts in one-click. If this is uncool (uncouth?) I'll stop. I've been using myname.workflowname (e.g. poritsky.appzapper) for bundle ID. Is there a preferred format otherwise?
  5. This workflow launches Ironic Software's free Tagit app for quickly adding OpenMeta tags to anything in OS X. Out of the box you can use the hotkey ⇧⌘T (Shift+Command+T) to launch the tagging window on the selected file anywhere in Finder. The Workflow also adds a file action to Alfred. Works nicely with Corentin Cras-Méneur's OpenMeta search workflow. I've been tagging Applications then searching by tags like "writing" and "finance" to choose not by name, but by function. Download Open in Tagit.alfredworkflow
  6. Anyone know if it's possible to add songs to "Play Next" or "Up Next" in iTunes. I've been screwing around with it and the only seems to be through GUI scripting (blech). Would love to queue up the next song rather than play immediately. Awesome workflow though! I like it a bit more than the mini-player (no offense Alfred!).
  7. Just a simple workflow to trigger a crazy AppleScript I cooked up a few months back. Keyword is "ingredientlist" (mine triggers on "ing"). Triggering it will run the AppleScript in the background and let you know once it's done. Download it now or keep reading for more details. How it works: The AppleScript grabs the URL of the front Safari window (only Safari for now) and pipes it through Recipe Distiller. Then it strips out everything but the ingredients on the resulting Recipe Distiller page. Each ingredient is added as a task to an OmniFocus project named "Recipes". You must have
  8. I'm tired of opening AppZapper (or AppCleaner), then opening a new Finder window to /Applications just to delete apps. Too many steps! Thankfully Alfred makes it easy with a quick workflow. If you're an AppZapper user, here's the workflow you need: Download Open App in AppZapper.zip Keyword is "zap" then search for your app. A notification will fire off and AppZapper should open up with your app and all its related files. Then zap them off your Mac. If you're an AppCleaner user, then here's the workflow you need: Download Open App in AppCleaner.zip Keyword is "clean" th
  9. Applications that are in folders within the /Applications folder don't seem to be opening. For example /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Microsoft Excel. There are also some other outliers I can't quite explain. OmniFocus, for example, isn't launching. I have tried clearing the Application Cache and switching between "Fuzzy capital letters" and "Full fuzzy match from word boundary" in the "Apps Matching" drop-down to no avail. I have also tried adding those folders to the Search Scope. Still nothing. I am yet to try to "Rebuild OS X Metadata". When I have a chance I can run it and le
  10. Hi there Alfred community. This is a mod of David Ferguson's awesome Google Suggest Workflow. The only difference is that it uses DuckDuckGo to do the actual search in the end. I put more details over on the candler blog, but it should be pretty straightforward. Update May 8, 2014: Updated workflow to default to the new DuckDuckGo Next. More details here. Download Google Auto Complete to DDG.zip Download Google Auto Complete to DDG Next.zip Enjoy! Here's a screenshot:
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