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  1. @Andrew I am seeing the extra space in Alfred's contact viewer. @deanishe I tried your suggestion and Contacts isn't returning a middle name. I also tried returning the first name and it doesn't look like there's a trailing space on the contact "Dan Gilbert" either.
  2. This is really bizarre. I open the vCard and there are no spaces in the problematic contacts. Any more thoughts? I thought for sure this would be the issue.
  3. I hate to be annoying, but I just updated, and I'm still noticing the issue. Any thoughts?
  4. @Andrew Thanks for the very thoughtful response. I've checked Contacts.app (and BusyContacts FWIW) and neither of them display a middle name with a space in it. That said, if I add a middle name to these effected contacts and then remove it, the extra white space in Alfred magically disappears. This tells me that Contacts.app (and perhaps BusyContacts) are trimming spaces. (Or maybe it has to do with the APIs they use... I'm not a developer, so I can't speak with authority, I vaguely remember a developer complaining about the contacts API on a podcast in the last year or two.) I w
  5. I'm almost certain that this has something to do with my contact database, but I haven't the foggiest what about my contacts would cause this to happen. Most, though not all, of my contacts are returning with two spaces between the first and last name. (See attached.) As far as I can tell, there doesn't appear to be a middle name value for these contacts.
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