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  1. Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure why you are saying I am treating Alfred as a purple Spotlight. How it is meant to be used is completely relative, I use the features that I like in the way I believe it's appropriate, according to my needs. Some of them I am happy with the default, some of them I rather customize. Not sure why this is an issue. That's why I'm here, asking for the community's help. Regarding your suggestion of creating a workflow: sounds great and thanks for mentioning. However as I understand it it won't work properly because it won't search file nam
  2. Hello, When I need to search the contents of a file, I type this: "in rabbit 123" By using the keyword "in" followed by the search term, alfred knows that it needs to search inside files for the term "rabbit 123". I need to enable this by default. I don't care for performance, I need Alfred to search anywhere without me having to specify it. Can someone please help me? I purchased power pack a week ago and so far I am very happy, however this is break dealer for me, and spotlight does it by default. Appreciate anyone's help.
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