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  1. Fixed by me update version now working with Alfred4 (WF v1.1) Download link: https://gofile.io/d/qXi6R8
  2. I’m using the arrows for navigation all the time. I discover the bug by accident, it's not really effected on my work-flow (I don't really needs to go backroads from "/Application" ). I just wanna let you know guys
  3. @Vero error 12:30:05.832556+0300 runningboardd RBSStateCapture remove item called for untracked item 485-176-11707 (target:executable<Alfred(501)>) error 12:30:05.838917+0300 ReportCrash Invalid receipt [0 bytes] https://ibb.co/5LmQ5Wy https://ibb.co/wJPx9Bb did you manage to do it on your mac? EDIT: this is the crash report: https://pastebin.com/7jMLm77J
  4. when Im typing "/app" into Alfred, (it seems like in the following image:) and if I click on the left-arrow, it will crash completely. it's happened every time that I'm doing it. I'm using Alfred4.1 [1167] on Mac 10.15.5. If I missed any additional information, please let me know
  5. there is a bug over the new version, working perfectly! Thanks !
  6. there is a bug over the new version, I would be happy to know when it will be fixed
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