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    pdazero reacted to swissmanu in Custom Entries with File Filter   
    hey @deanishe, thank you for your suggestion! i ended up already in my own implementation using a shellscript which uses mdfind internally.
    in the end i did not check if there are no results, but append a "create" item all the time.
    in case somebody wants to do something similar, my code is attached below.
    #!/bin/bash QUERY=${1} DIRECTORY="/some/directory" RESULTS=$(mdfind -onlyin "${DIRECTORY}" "kMDItemContentType == 'net.daringfireball.markdown' && (kMDItemDisplayName == '${QUERY}*'c || kMDItemTextContent == '${QUERY}*'c)") SAVEIFS=${IFS} IFS=$'\n' RESULTS=($RESULTS) # Split Results IFS=${SAVEIFS} declare -a ITEMS for i in "${RESULTS[@]:0:8}"; do ITEM=$(cat << EOF { "uid": "${i}", "type": "file", "title": "$(echo ${i} | sed 's|.*/||')", "subtitle": "${i}", "arg": "${i}", "icon": { "type": "fileicon", "path": "${i}" } }, EOF ) ITEMS+=${ITEM} done ITEMS+=$(cat << EOF { "title": "Create '${QUERY}.md'", "subtitle": "Create a new Vault entry", "arg": "create:${QUERY}" }, EOF ) cat << EOF { "items": [${ITEMS}] } EOF  
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    pdazero reacted to Vero in Searching for phrases in files   
    Ok, if I understand correctly, you want to be able to find a phrase like "wet weather" but not a file that happens to contain "wet" and "weather" as separate words.
    To do this, create a simple workflow with a "file filter" input attached to an "open file" action. Double-click your file filter and give it a name and keyword, then go to the Advanced tab. Click the + and add the kMDItemTextContent and uncheck the "split" box. Remove the other fields from the list.
    This will be a file filter that exclusively searches content of your files (not the file names) and specifically searches for concurrent words, e.g. a file that contains "wet weather" but not "wet" and "weather" as separate words in the file. 
    Is this what you were looking for?
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    pdazero reacted to Acidham in Alfred Markdown Notes   
    @pdazero My first prio was to upgrade to Python 3 which I released now. I will look into your issues afterwards. I am thinking of implementing custom note title patterns similar to the data format setting. But for now you need to live with your hack or maestro script, sry. 
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    pdazero reacted to Acidham in Alfred Markdown Notes   
    Markdown Notes help to manage Markdown files in a directory with powerful full text search (supports & and |), tag search or search for todos ( - [ ] or * [ ]) . It also allows to quickly create new notes based on custom templates.
    I started to write this to replace the ton of Note taking apps that I used a while ago. I spent a lot of time to get this to work and the setup is a bit complex but once you went thru the steps it can indeed replace your note taking app. 
    The best MD Editor for this purpose is Typora but any other MD editor works as well. 
    Download at Git as usual: https://github.com/Acidham/alfred-markdown-notes/releases/latest
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