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  1. Here is one should work: tell application "iTunes" play playlist named "My Top Rated" end tell I realize the other finding was actually not an script it was a directory. It was: /usr/bin/osascript filters/playplaylist.applescript "$@"
  2. Hi there, I need to create a workflow that starts with a keyword and play an specific playlist on iTunes. I found this script on Caleb workflow but not sure what to do or how apply it, any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Find it: https://www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/users.php?s={query} Thanks to myself!
  4. Not getting any result, I try using "tz" or "timezone add" and none of the two show me results just the error. I´m missings something?
  5. Hi there, I´m trying to search for users in my WordPress website, any idea how to achieve this? Thanks. Rai.
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