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    Just installed it and got it to work. Great stuff¬†ūüĎ欆
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    This is awesome! I look forward to experimenting with this. Thanks!
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    For those who are interested I have created a workflow for running iOS shortcuts from Alfred using a spare iOS (12.0 or above) device (I use a second hand iPhone SE).
    Here is a short video I have published to Reddit:
    This workflow requires a Siri Shortcut to get a list of your shortcuts:
    Once the workflow has been imported you will need to put your Pushcut Webhook Secret key into the "api" variable by typing !pushcutapi in Alfred and then type into Alfred !pushcutupdate and Helper shortcut will start to do it's job. Once the shortcut has run you should be able to access your shortcuts within Alfred like on my video above.
    It currently support 3 different modes.
    Using the keyword "pushcut" or keyboard shortcut: control+option+P will just run the shortcut and won't return any data. It's good for shortcuts like "Turn on the fan" Using the keyword "pci" or keyboard shortcut: control+option+I will ask you to select a shortcut and give it some input (input is optional), return the shortcut output in Large Type Using the keyword "pcd" or keyboard shortcut: control+option+D will ask you to select a shortcut and delay it. 5s , 5m , 5d ...  
    Link to the workflow:
    This is an unofficial workflow, I am NOT affiliated with Pushcut.
    This workflow requires:
    A spare iOS device (min iOS 12 and above, recommended iOS 13 and above), A subscription to Pushcut Automation Server, more info on the developer's website: pushcut.io  
    Link to the wallpaper:
    Feel free to use and maybe improve this workflow. 
    ver 1.0.3:
    Making it clear that this workflow is using your Pushcut Webhook Secret instead of an API key (it can be found at Pushcut -> Account -> Webhook) Removed unnecessary update commands, now the only way to update the list of shortcuts is to type !pushcutupdate directly to Alfred. Added ability to copy shortcut output into clipboard, when using keyword "pcic" or the keyboard shortcut : Shift+Option+I Added ability to remove your list of shortcuts from the workflow with the keyword !rmshortcuts , in case if you wanted to export it for sharing. Fixed the !pushcutapi did not require argument.
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    The number you give it is now interpreted as minutes, instead of seconds.
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