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  1. Thanks, @vitor I wasn't aware of the vertical order. With that in mind I solved my issue. Since I'm reusing some of the complex script actions, they have been somewhere on the board.
  2. I have a workflow that starts up several apps / windows and calls a run script action after each to place it. In one of my current workflows I'm opening 2 separate Safari windows and want to place them side by side. The Hotkey triggers several Arg and Vars actions (setting the position for the application - 2 of them are for the Safari windows), which call a Run NSAppleScript to open a URL in Safari (or opening the corresponding window if it is already open), followed by a Run Script to place the window (via hammerspoon). It seems that the Arg and Vars and/or NSAppleScript actio
  3. I created a bunch of workflows helping me with my daily routine. For that I use custom scripts, e.g. to place applications in a certain layout. As an example I have one "Run script" action which calls hammerspoon and places windows according to arguments given via environment variables I set with "Args and Vars" utility. By that I can reuse my script and "just" have to configure it for each application window I start in my workflow. It would be nice create a real action out of this with a custom dialog so I don't have to mess arround with entering the names and values in variabl
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