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  1. Thanks, @vitor I wasn't aware of the vertical order. With that in mind I solved my issue. Since I'm reusing some of the complex script actions, they have been somewhere on the board.
  2. I have a workflow that starts up several apps / windows and calls a run script action after each to place it. In one of my current workflows I'm opening 2 separate Safari windows and want to place them side by side. The Hotkey triggers several Arg and Vars actions (setting the position for the application - 2 of them are for the Safari windows), which call a Run NSAppleScript to open a URL in Safari (or opening the corresponding window if it is already open), followed by a Run Script to place the window (via hammerspoon). It seems that the Arg and Vars and/or NSAppleScript actions run somehow in parallel because when the placement action of the first Safari window wants to place the window, it can only look for the frontmost "Safari" window which turns out to be secondly opened window already most of the times. Is there any way to tell the workflow to please finish one path before continuing with the next to avoid mismatch?
  3. I created a bunch of workflows helping me with my daily routine. For that I use custom scripts, e.g. to place applications in a certain layout. As an example I have one "Run script" action which calls hammerspoon and places windows according to arguments given via environment variables I set with "Args and Vars" utility. By that I can reuse my script and "just" have to configure it for each application window I start in my workflow. It would be nice create a real action out of this with a custom dialog so I don't have to mess arround with entering the names and values in variables (which are alphabetically ordered, not logically), but rather have my own dialog with 6 fields or even some predefined positions I can choose from. Is there any way of adding "custom actions"?
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