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  1. This workflow is not my job. I just found it in Github and want to share it because it helps. Here is the project: https://github.com/cj1128/alfred-qrcode-workflow Generate QR Code Type qr [text] to generate QR code, this has a 800ms delay. Press Cmd+Y to preview the QR Code Press Enter to open QR Code in Preview Scan QR Code Use zbar-with-gbk to do the parsing. Select the target QR Code image, press Cmd + Alt + \,select Scan QR Code in the popup file actions. Once you get the result, you can Press Cmd + L to preview in large text Press Enter to copy to the clipboard
  2. Thank you for Andrew 's great job! It's an impressive workflow. Finally get things done. For newbie: 1. Get the free API 2. Paste the API key to the configuration. [x] in the workflow page. 3. Wait untill the conversertion rate is downloaded.( After I turned back in about 15 mins) Enjoy it.
  3. Good job and thank you. It does the job and powerful. Personally, It would be better if I could search in each mac app.
  4. At first, I installed it and could not find anything while searching. Then I updated my openssl, and it finally works. It's a little delay but it does its job. Thank you.
  5. Yes, it works! Just move it back or delete the one in syncing folder, then a popup would show and says: could not found the .preference, check if you would like to use the default one. Click Yes to continue... Thank you so much Deanishe!
  6. Thank you for your reply. Actually I just want to turn off syncing. I realized that my time machine would backup all the files in my macbook so there is no need to backup the preferences seperately by using snyc function. Could you please help with the turning off? Thank you in advance.
  7. @deanishe Thank you for your reply. I found the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/ , there is already a file named Alfred.alfredpreferences I replaced the .alfredpreferences file with the one in syncing folder. But nothing happened. Was there anything wrong with my steps? Or could you please show me more detailed steps? Thank you in adavance.
  8. I previously set an icloud folder for syncing preferences. However, icloud keeps uploading this preferences backup to the cloud and delete the local one. Now I just want to shutdown the alfred sycing. But I have no idea how to get it done. Could anybody help? Thank you.
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