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  1. Just updated my workflow as @deanishe suggested. A huge thanks! It should now be Go-free and self contained. If you have any other suggestions, it's more than welcome. Also, feel free to contribute directly on Github too.
  2. Hi @deanishe Thank you for catching the issue and for your input! No wonder the workflow file was huge 😓 I'll make a new version addressing these. Thanks again!
  3. Hey Alfred community! I've recently made an Alfred workflow for managing Jira Cloud. Please try it out if you are interested! http://www.packal.org/workflow/jiralfred-jira-x-alfred Github: https://github.com/jackchuka/alfred-workflow-jira I've seen many Jira workflows in the past but none were suited to my daily routines, whether they were setup-heavy, very few operations, or dependency-heavy. So I built my own with these in mind, It's made on top of a widely used go-jira/jira command line tool so you are probably already familiar to. It also
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