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  1. Consider this case. I'm capturing multiple screen shots, such as photo, chunk of emails, part of web site articles, and so on. and I would like to paste all of them in one document, such as evernote, one note, or MS word docs. this is a case I would like to use.
  2. Could it be possible to save multiple screen shots in one clip board item? For test, we have text merge feature - yes, this is very good feature!!! I can just press 'CMD + C +C" and file up all texts into one clip board item. Not sure it applied to multiple screen shots. I'm using shift + control + cmd + 4 to save multiple screen shots; and the shots shown individually in Alfred clipboard; very very tedious to past all those screen shots in one place - yes, I need to repeat N-times.. depending on number of screen shots I had.
  3. Hi Jonah.. did you have any chance to work that out - clipboard image working..
  4. I have run this script in terminal.. nothing getting better.
  5. I kind of stuck with having right title in my evernote using this workflow. Can you do me a favor? what's wrong? enn #Important !Today :My Title This is my note body ==> this command made my note having "My Title This is my note body" for note title. I want to have only "My Title" for note title and the rest of them for evernote body. Evernote Note I wish to create with this work flow. Title: My Title Reminder: Today Tag: Important Note Body: This is my note body
  6. Hi.. the image clipboard can't be used to create a note. The clipboard text is perfectly working for me. I copied image in my clipboard. and run evernote command "enn" with clipboard image copy for create new note. but, nothing happened - no error messages, no note creation.
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