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  1. After installing dictionaries from https://dictionaries.io/ my dictionary "d " keyword does not show the definitions anymore only shows me how to pronounce them. is there a toggle that i accidentally put that now my definitions are not showing?
  2. yea I noticed how tough it is because of the spaces that html creates and markdown combines them
  3. can you trust an app like this with confidential things since you copy passwords and stuff? i trust alfred with clipboard histories because its local from what i understand either way ive downloaded it right now through the app store and bought it
  4. I have seen workflows for markdown to rtf and markdown to html but is there a workflow to convert html to markdown on pasting? I have searched everywhere. if the workflow only allows file conversion that would work too. thanks in advance!
  5. I am unfortunately a potato... 😕 aha jk okay thank you for the reply and answer
  6. im trying to figure out a way to have alfred open any app that is currently in other desktops to be pulled into the current desktop that i am on, is there a forum conversation with this solution already? i have tried look and the post i found has no answer. thank you!
  7. @Andrew omg! this fixes it. thank you! so many months and now I know aha. great update!
  8. ive been having this problem ever since Big Sur. none of the Alfred updates have fixed this issue. so I wanted to show in this picture what I am referring to. if you see closely, the corners are transparent. I haven't been able to fix this. please show me what I need to do.
  9. @Vero i want to only see collections; i don't want to see all snippets below the collections, this is because it makes it difficult to select. any way to just see the pure collections when activating the snippets feature?
  10. still waiting for the official reply to my original question, thanks!
  11. i have so many snippets and it confuses me, i seriously dont want to see them, i know you can you keywords and also make them in order but i just seriously only want to see my collections made only. any way around this?
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