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  1. For example, I want to type in "daystoday 20200113" to pass the result of the days between 20200103 and today. How should I do that?
  2. Hello Vitor, my difficulty is that I need the replaced text to switch lines. It seems that if I don't put <br> the text would simply go to one line without breaks. Name: Mark Joe Contact:(718) 350-**81
  3. Hello thank you for helping me out! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kaqotdzmF_E76HUnDbZJ56YtB25evW71/view?usp=sharing Can you try with this sample text: Name: Mark Joe 电 话: (718) 350-**81 And see how I can make it: Name: Mark Joe Contact: (718) 350-**81 Instead of not switching lines? Name: Mark Joe Contact:(718) 350-**81 Thanks a ton!
  4. Hello guys, I'm looking for help in building a workflow, by replacing the certain words in a paragraph to English. Our order processing system is not in English, so we need to translate these information when communicating with our customers and it consumes a lot of time. I know how to use "replace text" but I just don't know how to make the text to go to a different line. The original text is as follow. 收件人: ******** 电 话: ******** 手 机: 国家/地区: ******** 省 / 州: ********
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