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  1. I'm running Big Sur 11.2. Here's the code I'm running that's not working: set _app to "Google Chrome" tell application _app to activate set allWins to every window set allTabs to {} repeat with currWin in allWins set allTabs to allTabs & every tab of currWin end repeat repeat with currTab in allTabs try if (title of currTab) contains "Youtube Music" then set musicTab to currTab end try end repeat tell musicTab to execute javascript "(document.querySelector('[id=\"play-pause-button\"]')).click();" end tell It seems to not like multiple lines in the tell because this works: set _app to "Google Chrome" tell application _app to set allWins to every window
  2. Thanks guys! I appreciate the tips! set _app to "Finder" tell application _app to activate I tried this but it didn't work. I dug in a little further and it seems a third step is necessary... set _app to "Google Chrome" set theScript to "tell application \"" & _app & "\" to ...." run script theScript With this in mind, I'll look into adding support for other browsers in the future. If anyone wants to pitch in, I'd welcome a PR. 🙂
  3. I looked into this a bit back when I was initially developing this and it's not easy to make the workflow support both Chrome and Brave. This is an AppleScript limitation as it doesn't allow the application (i.e. Google Chrome) to be changed to a variable. My recommendation would be to install the plugin and change the scripts referencing... tell application "Google Chrome" to tell application "Brave Browser"
  4. I encountered the same behavior with a workflow that I built and came to the same solution as you. Just found this post perusing your workflow and it made me chuckle. 😊 I'm curious to know if you ending up finding a better way.
  5. New version has been released with the following enhancements: Enhancements added to Alfred selection menu: 'ym' now shows currently playing Artist/Song and at the end of song name is current like/disklike status: Disliked: `-----` Liked: `+++++` Download Latest Workflow Here
  6. New version has been released with the following enhancements: Improved volume setting Current volume is shown in Alfred results Repeat control added Current repeat setting is shown in Alfred results Shuffle playlist control added Unlike Youtube Music button, this also forces a new song to be played Improved Like/Dislike setting Fix ensures that current song playing is liked/disliked Download Latest Workflow Here
  7. New version has been released. Hotkey support added for increasing/decreasing volume Search method has been improved and uses already open YM tab if available Switched from Run NAppleScript to Run Script for easier debugging Download Latest Workflow Here
  8. I just released a new version of the workflow with the following enhancement: Ability to control Youtube Music volume (separate from MacOS) Download Latest Workflow Here The below screenshot demonstrates setting the volume to 80%:
  9. @jopemachine - You need to enable Applescript in Chrome. Please check requirements in my original post. @politicus - Looks like the YouTube Music tab is not found in your Chrome browser. Can you share a screenshot of the title of your YouTube Music tab?
  10. Alfred Workflow: Youtube Music Controls for Chrome Latest version: download here GitHub: https://github.com/carceneaux/alfred-youtube-music-control An Alfred workflow for controlling Youtube Music playback in an open Youtube Music tab in Chrome. I built this workflow out of necessity as Google Play music will be retired shortly.I listen to music most of the day at work and this helps immensely. The workflow uses the following keywords to control playback in an open Youtube Music tab: * 'ym': Play/Pause * 'ym prev': Previous Song * 'ym next': Next Song * 'ym+': Thumbs Up Song * 'ym-': Thumbs Down Song * 'ym vol <volume percentage>': Set Youtube Music Volume * 'ym search <search term>': Search Youtube Music * 'ym shuffle': Shuffle Playlist * 'ym repeat': Set Repeat Setting * 'ym quit': Close Youtube Music Tab Requirements By default, executing JavaScript through AppleScript is turned off in Chrome. To turn it on, from the menu bar, go to View > Developer > Allow JavaScript from Apple Events. For more information: https://support.google.com/chrome/?p=applescript
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