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  1. This is what This is what I use. Also works with youtube music in browser etc https://github.com/beauwilliams/Alfred-System-Media-Controller
  2. Purchased Alfred today after much ado! Tinkering around with workflows is quite a bit of fun. This is just a simple thing as I could not find a workflow that did this already, I retooled a python script from https://gist.github.com/fredrikw/4078034 (thanks to a suggestion from another user) to make a very simple media controller command for a mac with media keys. Find it here: https://github.com/beauwilliams/Alfred-System-Media-Controller Note: it needs some revision to add autocomplete options etc, but I will have to find some time later to revise. Any feedback for now is appreciated! Enjoy
  3. Hi, mind if I am missing something very obvious here. I can not for the life of me find an easy way to control media with an alfred workflow. I have prev|next|pause buttons on my macbook which are great. They work system wide and are very portable with apps. It seems there are some really great workflows like the YT Music for Chrome workflow, but I don't want to be boxed into browsers etc unnecessarily. Being a big fan of mnemonics I just want to open alfred and type 'next' 'pause' 'play' and 'previous'. That's it. How do I accomplish this? Thanks!
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