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  1. Hello @andreas.w! Sorry for the late reply because I've been distracted by personal stuff and things fell through the cracks. I just upgraded to search_raindrop-1.6.1.alfredworkflow but unfortunately the issue seems unchanged on my end. The tokens.json file still contains only the timestamp and no authorization info. I would be glad to provide further assistance so feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for all the hard work!
  2. Hello @andreas.w , sorry for the delayed reply! I was under the impressions that I'd receive emails for forum notifications, but actually didn't receive any, for whatever reason. I just manually followed this thread so that I can provide more timely responses. I have no idea what I'm doing incorrectly that caused this issue, but it still persists after installing the 1.6 update. I get the fallback list in all three scenarios: Only type "r". Two options from the Workflow show up in the list, Add a bookmark to Raindrop.io and Search your Raindrop.io bookmarks. The lat
  3. I'm experiencing the same issue, which renders this workflow completely unusable. Would love to have it fixed so that I can jump directly to my bookmarks!
  4. Ah, that's a bit of a bummer to me but thanks for the explanation I might end up purchasing Soulver even if I'll mostly use it inside Alfred.
  5. What are the implications to the Alfred workflow community? Does that mean anyone can built a workflow using SoulverCore, but public distribution is disallowed?
  6. Thank you for the perspective, I admittedly didn't evaluate SoulverCore from a business POV.
  7. I see, that is indeed a valid point I didn't consider. Although I consider Soulver rather reliable because the product has been around since January 2007, if that makes the decision less risky. Thank you for your guidance, I can only build simple workflows right now and can't take on this project by myself. I'll post in the subforum for help. It feels good to join this vibrant community
  8. Hmm, it didn't even occur to me that this could be possible, I automatically assumed this could only be implemented by Alfred dev(s). Although IMHO there's still an incentive for Alfred to consider integrating SoulverCore, which is for all Alfred (Powerpack) users to have access to those powerful features out of the box.
  9. Hi all, I saw this tweet from Soulver demonstrating the power of SoulverCore in another launcher app. Soulver is a natural language calculator that offers powerful features and by integrating SoulverCore into Alfred, we can access those features simply by invoking Alfred. Rationale Users' perspective I am aware that Soulver offers a Alfred Workflow on its website, but you need both Alfred Powerpack *and* a Soulver license to access Soulver inside Alfred. While I frequently need to perform single-line Soulver calculations, I rarely need a full-fle
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