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  1. Hello @andreas.w, I checked this setting but it was already enabled. I must've enabled it long ago and forgotten about it. I poked around to see why enabling this setting hasn't been working for me up til now, and discovered that I need to uncheck the "Prefix schemes if missing" box, which has been checked. Now the workflow can connect via the proxy by default. Thank you so much for walking me through this!
  2. Hello @andreas.w, I followed your instruction above and manually replaced each instance, and now the workflow is perfectly functional. Thank you for going out of your way to provide such a detailed fix, I appreciate your patience and help.
  3. Hello @andreas.w, Thanks for the swift reply! Here's the detailed error: Potentially useful info: I have a network proxy listening on Due to my network configuration, I assume the workflow need to connect to the internet via the system proxy in order to work? Disabling the system proxy is not an option for me, unfortunately, because my internet is heavily censored by the government and I cannot access https://raindrop.io without the proxy. I had a hunch this was the reason the workflow works properly for everyone in this thread except me. Due to the nature of this issue, only a minuscule proportion of your users will be affected, so please feel free to choose not to spend time fixing this issue if it's too much work.
  4. Hello @andreas.w, Thank you for the great work! I downloaded ver 2.0 from GitHub but cannot authenticate with my Raindrop.io account. Why is this and how do I solve it? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello @andreas.w! Sorry for the late reply because I've been distracted by personal stuff and things fell through the cracks. I just upgraded to search_raindrop-1.6.1.alfredworkflow but unfortunately the issue seems unchanged on my end. The tokens.json file still contains only the timestamp and no authorization info. I would be glad to provide further assistance so feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for all the hard work!
  6. Hello @andreas.w , sorry for the delayed reply! I was under the impressions that I'd receive emails for forum notifications, but actually didn't receive any, for whatever reason. I just manually followed this thread so that I can provide more timely responses. I have no idea what I'm doing incorrectly that caused this issue, but it still persists after installing the 1.6 update. I get the fallback list in all three scenarios: Only type "r". Two options from the Workflow show up in the list, Add a bookmark to Raindrop.io and Search your Raindrop.io bookmarks. The latter option appears only briefly and disappears quickly. Type "r<space>". The Search your Raindrop.io bookmarks option makes a brief appearance again and disappears quickly, leaving only the fallback list. Type "r<space><query>". Similar to (2), the workflow searches for bookmarks very briefly and then disappears. I made a screen recording of the three scenarios and attached it to this post. Some clarifications regarding the recording: I downloaded the Workflow from Packal and didn't make any modifications to its content. I authorized the Workflow with my Raindrop.io account before the recording. The list containing DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia is my fallback list. I currently do have an Apple Support link in my Raindrop.io bookmarks, so I assume the query Apple shouldn't return no results. I didn't manually clone the git repo. I simply downloaded the .alfredworkflow file from Packal. I tried running the commands anyways but got this result: fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git But since I simply downloaded and double clicked the .alfredworkflow file to install the Workflow, I assume this is inconsequential. I'm not yet capable of building such a complex Workflow and I really appreciate your hard work in bridging Raindrop.io and Alfred!
  7. I'm experiencing the same issue, which renders this workflow completely unusable. Would love to have it fixed so that I can jump directly to my bookmarks!
  8. Ah, that's a bit of a bummer to me but thanks for the explanation I might end up purchasing Soulver even if I'll mostly use it inside Alfred.
  9. What are the implications to the Alfred workflow community? Does that mean anyone can built a workflow using SoulverCore, but public distribution is disallowed?
  10. Thank you for the perspective, I admittedly didn't evaluate SoulverCore from a business POV.
  11. I see, that is indeed a valid point I didn't consider. Although I consider Soulver rather reliable because the product has been around since January 2007, if that makes the decision less risky. Thank you for your guidance, I can only build simple workflows right now and can't take on this project by myself. I'll post in the subforum for help. It feels good to join this vibrant community
  12. Hmm, it didn't even occur to me that this could be possible, I automatically assumed this could only be implemented by Alfred dev(s). Although IMHO there's still an incentive for Alfred to consider integrating SoulverCore, which is for all Alfred (Powerpack) users to have access to those powerful features out of the box.
  13. Hi all, I saw this tweet from Soulver demonstrating the power of SoulverCore in another launcher app. Soulver is a natural language calculator that offers powerful features and by integrating SoulverCore into Alfred, we can access those features simply by invoking Alfred. Rationale Users' perspective I am aware that Soulver offers a Alfred Workflow on its website, but you need both Alfred Powerpack *and* a Soulver license to access Soulver inside Alfred. While I frequently need to perform single-line Soulver calculations, I rarely need a full-fledged Soulver editor. I bought Soulver for iOS to perform daily single-line calculations but after trying the 30-day trial of the Mac app, I decided I couldn't justify the price for my light usage. Alfred's perspective While there're user-built workflows that cover many functionalities Soulver offers, I think it would make Alfred much more appealing if it could harness the power of Soulver's complete package of NLP calculations so that all Alfred (Powerpack) users can have a unified experience rather than looking for individual workflows. I have no idea how trivial / hard it is to integrate SoulverCore, so maybe include it in the Powerpack. I hope you would consider this feature request. I finally purchased a Powerpack Mega Supporter license recently and feel so much more productive XD
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