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  1. Yes, @JolinM's 1.5 version includes the cor function, that should do the job. Otherwise, there is a global shortcut, set in System Preferences > Keyboard, although it may not work in all software as it is often intercepted by the application in focus.
  2. Hello! What's also new in 4.2 is the ability to use Apple Script in English. Your script would look like : tell application "AgentAntidoteConnect" launch module dictionaries resource definitions word q end tell You'd then be able to plug that back in Alfred.
  3. Would love to help out! We published the API ;-) Documentation for the API can be found under Script Editor, dictionary is found AgentAntidoteConnect. Available in English to help out. Here is the transcript : launch module v : Launches an Antidote module launch module corrector/‌dictionaries/‌guides/‌preferences [resource definitions/‌synonyms/‌antonyms/‌combinations/‌family/‌history/‌conjugation/‌semantic field/‌quotations/‌spelling/‌lexicon/‌grammar/‌syntax/‌ponctuation/‌style/‌business writing/‌typography/‌PDL/‌history guide/‌phonetic
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