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  1. Very cool! Didn´t know it either. This is like the third application I found over this forum =D
  2. Very nice thank you! And it works with PathFinder too! Makes it much faster for me to share dropbox links
  3. Yeah nice. The first good Incognito workflow I found! Thank you!
  4. Thanks. Could you add "free space" to the stats? Would be useful. Domenic
  5. Yeah, tested it with Chrome and Mail.Really nice! Vienna (RSS Reader) doesn´t work. I would love such a workflow for Wunderlist! Domenic edit: Yes, just wanted to edit my post that I´ve seen Wunderlist is not scriptable.Thank you for the fast answer! I seriously consider to change to Reminders...This workflow is gold
  6. There is no official way, but some workflows support phyllisstein´s Alleyoop. That works quite good. I´m sure there will be an official way someday but in the meantime just make sure to follow every workflow you are interested in (at the top on the right) B2T: With this update it works for me,too!Nice!! I´ve got quite a list with workflows - I would like it to show the help file in a smaller font - is this possible? Another idea would be a "blacklist" - a list every user can manipulate to set some workflows to not show up in the helpfile. Domenic
  7. Everything works fine. Thanks. Domenic
  8. Wow!That was fast! Really great!! One of my favorite workflows now. Thank you! Domenic
  9. With the update it stopped working for me It just shows "Searching TV Rage..." Any idea? This workflow ist getting better and better (if it works^^) Thank you!
  10. Thank you! VLC needs to be closed for this workflow to work, doesn´t it? Could you somehow change it, so that VLC remembers the last window size instead of opening almost fullscreen? And do you know a simple way to change the workflow to MPlayerX?
  11. I know, it´s the wrong forum, but I´d be interested in a solution, too. Anyone any ideas?
  12. Nice Can you take this even a step further and show the remaining files below the open button? So you don´t need to click on count? I really like your workflow! Domenic
  13. Great, thank you! I added German and it works. But every space is replaced by two backslashes: Screenshot Do you have any idea how to change this? OT:How can I post screenshots so that they are displayed inside the forum?
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