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    Domenic got a reaction from DJay in Toggle Tunlr workflow   
    Very cool thank you!
    I didn´t even know tunlr - what a great service!
    And your workflow makes it really easy to use it
    At the moment the DNS preferences of your/this workflow are wrong.
    But it works perfectly after changing them to
    inside the tunlr_toggle.sh file
    I got this addresses from the official site:
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    Domenic reacted to Carlos-Sz in Notes with New Text File with Tag 4.0 (nvALT, direct paste, new file in Finder and more)   
    Notes with New Text File with Tag 4.0


    Easily create new tagged plain text files.

    Synchronize your notes by selecting a Dropbox folder as your working folder.

    View your notes, including tags, with an application such as nvALT.


    You can configure the workflow anytime by typing the keyword setup-nft though you will be prompted to do it if it is the first time you run the workflow.

    There are 6 steps.

    1. Select the Working Folder

    Type the name of the folder that you want to save your text files.

    You can select a Dropbox folder to synchronize your files.

    2. Set the Preferred Extension

    In order to make things faster, the workflow adds the file extension automatically.

    Here you can set your preferred text file extension. The default is .txt.

    3. Set the Journal Name

    Journal is a single file to easily add text with current date (default name is Journal).

    4. Set the Date Format

    This setting will be used in every Journal entry, Prepend text to a file or Append text to a file.

    Select a format or use the following variables to build a custom one:
    $m (month as number) $mm (month) $d (day) $w (weekday) $y (year) $h (hour) $n (minute) $s (second) $f (full date and time) 5. Set the Filename Timestamp

    Configure a custom date format, such as $y$m$d$h$n$s, that can be easily added to a filename by using the variable $t e.g. nf #my file $t

    You can build a custom one in this setup step by using the following variables:
    $m (month as number) $mm (month) $d (day) $w (weekday) $y (year) $h (hour) $n (minute) $s (second) 6. Markdown URL ON or OFF

    If the topmost application is Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox or OSX Mail the workflow will append the URL to the new file; to get it in a markdown style select ON.

    How to use the workflow
    Select a text in e.g. Safari Bring Alfred and type the keyword nf Click New File from Text Selection Done! A new note will be created in the working folder, named based on the selected text, tagged with Safari (the topmost application) and with the URL appended to it. See advanced features below.

    Keyword nf? - shows some syntax tips along with access to the Help file (see screenshot below) Keyword setup-nft - workflow preferences Keyword nf - add content (see details below) keyword ns - search content (see details below) Hotkeys - that are 4: create a new note from text selection, create a new note from the clipboard content, add selected text to the journal and bring the search feature Fallback search - you can add this workflow to your Alfred fallback search preferences

    Add content: keyword nf

    Keyword nf overview

    Note: the New File from Mail Selected Messages item is displayed only if the topmost application is the Mail application.

    Here you can find four ways to easily create a new text file:
    New File from the Clipboard New File from Text Selection New Blank File New Note New File from Mail Selected Messages Note: New File from Mail Selected Messages (item 5) will be displayed only if the topmost application is the Mail application.

    In resume, the workflow can create a new text file with content from the clipboard (item 1), from the text selected in another application (item 2), from Messages selected in Mail (item 5) or typed directly in Alfred window (item 4). In addition, you can also create a New Blank File (item 3) that will be opened in the default text editor so you can enter the content right away.

    Although it is not required to type any additional text (items 1, 2, 3 and 5), this module works with the following pattern: tags#filename

    It means that you can enter tags (separated by comma) right after the keyword nf then type a hash sign then type the filename (in New Note the filename and the note itself are the same). For example: nf tag1,tag2#filename

    Advanced features

    Most advanced features are shared by all items displayed by the keyword nf:
    type tags in Alfred window separated by comma e.g. nf tag1,tag2 remove the default tag (topmost application name) by adding a minus sign at the end of the tags e.g. nf tag1,tag2- or nf - add a custom filename by typing a hash sign after the tags e.g. nf tag1,tag2#filename or #filename add a custom filename and extension e.g. nf tag1,tag2#filename.md add the filename timestamp configured in the workflow setup by using the variable $t e.g. nf tag1,tag2#filename $t add a custom timestamp to the filename using the following variables: $m (month as number), $mm (month), $d (day), $w (weekday), $y (year), $h (hour), $n (minute), $s (second) tell the workflow to not append the URL by adding “at sign” at the end e.g. nf tag1,tag2#filename.md@ or nf tag1,tag2@ or nf @ tell the workflow to not add the date in Prepend or Append text features by adding -d at the end e.g. nf #my note-d or #my note@-d hold command key to create the new file in the topmost Finder window instead of the working folder hold control key to prepend text to any file instead of create a new one: a list with your files will be loaded in Alfred so you can easily select it hold option key to append text to any file instead of create a new one: a list with your files will be loaded in Alfred so you can easily select it hold shift key to add text to your journal Mail app special feature

    There are two ways to take advantage of the special workflow Mail feature:
    by selecting a text in an email, bring Alfred, type the keyword nf then select New File from Text Selection. Use this approach if you need only some text of the email. by selecting messages in Mail, bring Alfred, type the keyword nf then select New File from Mail Selected Messages. This is the easiest way to add the entire email content. Along with the text content, the workflow will prepend a short header with the most important information about the email and it will append the message link or URL (clicking it will open the original message in Mail).


    The Journal feature is a single file to add new text with a timestamp (current date). You can set a custom date format in the workflow setup (keyword setup-nft).

    To add a new Journal text:
    Bring Alfred and type the keyword nf Select the text content (from Clipboard, from Text Selection or New Note) Hold shift key and hit return key You can also use the Journal hotkey to easily add a new entry based on text selected in another application.

    Search content: keyword ns

    Search text files saved in the working folder:
    the default search includes text content, filename and tags start with c: to search content only start with n: to search filenames only start with t: to search tags only hold control key to paste the text file content direclty to the topmost application hold option key to add tags to a text file hold command key to reveal the file in Finder hit shift key to preview a text file (OSX Quick Look) hit return key to open a file the first item in Alfred is always “Show in nvALT” (if the application is installed): click it to view the results in nvALT Note that you can tag a file from the search window by holding option key. The workflow will list all openmeta recently used tags so you can easily select one. You can also create new tags separeted by comma e.g. tag1,tag2,tag3.

    What’s new

    Version 4.0
    streamlined features focused on content creation keyword nf instead of newf keyword ns instead of news prepend or append text to any file in working folder custom date format that will be used in Journal, Prepend and Append features custom filename timestamp ($t) that can be used to create a filename easily add text from Mail app (selected or all email content) along with basic email information and link or URL select plain URL or Markdown URL format workflow preferences and initial setup within Alfred keyword nf? for Help within Alfred too you can tag any file from search feature: type ns keyword, highlight a file, hold option key and hit return: a list of openmeta recent tags will be displayed in Alfred (select one or create new tags separated by commas) New Note now works more like the other features: tags#note here or #note here improved search module (keyword ns) add a custom timestamp to the filename using variables fn key is not used by default due wired Apple keyboards workflow update to Alfred 2.0.3 (187) removed Copy Text File from Finder Version 3.0
    Create a new file in Finder (hold control key) Optionally add a file extension (see Help for details) Version 2.8
    Paste a note to the topmost application (e.g. start a search, select a note, hold fn key and press Return) Version 2.7
    Select a default extension (.txt or .md) Faster searching feature New icons Version 2.5
    Alfred Fallback search (you have to add it to your fallback search list) Add @ at the end to not add the URL Version 2.0
    Journal (add text to a custom text file) Search notes within Alfred nvALT support Alleyoop workflow support Download
    Version 4.0 Release date: 29 May 2013 Made in OS X 10.8.3 Supports Alleyoop 2 Download now PS: thank you twinpeaks for your feedback

    PS: post wrote in Byword and converted using Markdown to BBCode workflow
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    Domenic reacted to vitor in LabelColor — Sets a label color for selected files and directories   
    File action to set the label color for the chosen files and directories.
    Use Alfred to pick what you want to apply (or remove) a label to and pick Label… as the action, or use the keyboard shortcut. Alfred’s main window will appear and you simply select an option or type to filter the color’s name.


    Download | Source

    If on Alfred 2, download this one.

    Based on
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    Domenic reacted to Rud Faden in Search Google Scholar   
    A very simple workflow that searches Google Scholar
    Download from here https://www.dropbox.com/s/rfpq9m7x1thyl5o/Search%20google%20scholar.alfredworkflow
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    Domenic reacted to iEnno in Display and calculate with current date and time   
    I created a workflow to display the current date and time in a configurable format.
    Pressing enter will copy to clipboard.

    You can also add and subtract time. Examples:
    date 3w: today + 3 weeks date -2y: today - 2 years date 2m -5d: today + 2 months - 5 days View GitHub for more details.
    Direct Download.
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    Domenic reacted to twinpeaks in Display and calculate with current date and time   
    Whatever PHP error it gives just export that timezone in the 'date' script filter, just place above the one line of code... like so:
    export TZ="America/New_York" ruby date.rb "{query}"
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    Domenic reacted to oderwat in Find files recently changed (similar to Trickster functionality)   
    I often need to do something with my last saved or changed files, like a screenshot or a file I just downloaded with CyberDuck or saved from inside an application.
    Normally I use "Trickster" for that task. It which gives me access to files like recently downloaded, saved or edited files in a quick way but I thought it would be cool to have this in Alfred!
    After a brief check of existing workflows I could not find any which does the same simple task: List files in the current users home which are modified or created in the last 48 hours. The list is sorted descending by modification time. I also made the result list searchable.
    Simply type "last" and it will list the last modified files, you can press space and some letters to filter the results.
    You also can press Return to open the file or CMD+Return to Browse to the file with Alfred (and then use File Actions on it).
    This workflow uses "workflow class" by David Ferguson (@jdfwarrior) to build the resulting xml data. Besides that it uses a "mdfind" shell command which can be enhanced if you want to change where it searches and what it filters from the results (I filter some filetypes which are unlikely to be interesting for me).
    I am supporting Updates by the "Alleyoop" Workflow now (Install that workflow from here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1582-alleyoop-update-alfred-workflows/)   Feel free to comment!   Last Changed: 2013-04-19 19:06   V1.12: With the new Alfred 2 Update it is finally possible to fix the result order in a supported way (I modified workflow.php to support that). V1.11: Yet another method to fix the result order! Added 'Docoments/My Games' to blacklist. V1.10: Added iTunes to Blacklist (and a rather special personal Blacklist)! V1.9: Fixed problem with missing files when they have the same timestamp. V1.8: Updated to the new way Alleyoop works. V1.7: Changed how files are choosen to include files recently created even if they have an old timestamp. Added Microsoft Office Support files to the blacklist. Added Parallels VM Files to the Blacklist. V1.6: Made the found files in the result list draggable! V1.5: Added Alleyoop Support and fixed another bug with listing order (hopefully the last time now). V1.4: Fixed that the "oldest" entry was always displayed on the top (while the others where in descending order) V1.1: I updated the script to exclude some more files (mysql data, files in ~/Library, Safari Bookmarks)
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    Domenic reacted to FiXER in Take quick screenshots using the ScreenCapture workflow   
    I would suggest also option to make screenshot of an selected windows. Similar to, when you press cmd+shift+4 and after that Spacebar  
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    Domenic reacted to Florian in Google translate workflow   
    Hey guys,
    here is a Google Translate workflow i made based on Anders Bech Mellson's work. Once again, I don't want to take credit for a work that isn't mine. I'm just feeding back to alfred the results of an already good extension.
    Press enter to copy to clipboard, FN to look up on the actual translate.google.com website. 
    It's really easy to add / remove / edit for your own set of languages, just look at the workflow.
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    Domenic reacted to npeeps in Google translate workflow   
    Is there perhaps a way of inserting the gender of the noun you are translating? For example: dog --> der Hund --> el perro 
    That would be amazing
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    Domenic reacted to eknkc in Pinboard Search Workflow   
    I just created an alternative Pinboard workflow that allows searching for pinboard bookmarks within Alfred. It can fetch data asynchronously, so there should not be delays during searches and the matching code has some fuzzy logic. Might come in handy for Pinboard users so I wanted to share.
    NOTE: It requires Node.JS to be installed. Please get it from http://nodejs.org if you dont have Node.
    pinboardauth username:TOKEN <- set access token (get it from https://pinboard.in/settings/password)
    pb query <- search for query
    pbunread <- items in read later list
    pbreload <- force data reload
    Hold cmd while selecting a bookmark to copy it's url to clipboard.
    Hold ctrl while selecting to delete a bookmark from your pinboard.
    Source Code:
    Let me know if it works for you.
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    Domenic reacted to vitor in PinAdd — Takes arguments as tags, and adds your browser’s frontmost tab as a pinboard bookmark   
    This workflow is officially deprecated in favour of PinPlus. It was released to the public domain, so I leave the record here if anyone is interested. You can still find the old source on Github.
    Before using this workflow, you need to configure it with your Pinboard account by running :configurepinadd followed by your api token and your preferred browser.

    You can get the API token of you Pinboard account by visiting https://pinboard.in/settings/password

    Your preferred browser may be one of Safari, Webkit, Chrome, ChromeCanary, Chromium, or depends (“depends” uses the browser you have as the frontmost window, provided it’s one of the mentioned ones).

    An example configuration would be: configurepinadd username:HSJWJK2HHSKI14QPDOIK safari
    When you’re all set, call pin followed by your tags and/or description — both are optional, and descriptions must be preceded by // (two forward slashes and a space). Pick if it should be added as a regular bookmark or as a private one (this is important, as it’ll trump your default options), and you’re done.

    The title of the bookmark will be the title of the page.

    You can also precede your tags with . (a single period), and it will add the bookmark as unread.

    There’s also a hotkey you can setup to quickly add bookmaks as unread (without any tags or description).
    If adding a bookmark fails for any reason (for example, if the connection drops), you’ll get a notification and a PinAddRetry.command file will be added to your Desktop (if it happens multiple times, it’ll add an entry for each failed attempt). You can double-click this file at a later time to run it, and retry adding the bookmarks.
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    Domenic reacted to bigluck in Currency Converter workflow with natural language support   
    Hi everybody,
    I've created a simple but (i hope) useful currency converter; this workflow support simple and complex queries like:
    currency € -- Current EUR/USD exchange currency € £ -- Current EUR/GBP exchange currency 12 € -- Convert 12 EUR to USD currency 12€ £ -- Convert 12 EUR to GBP currency 12 € £ -- Convert 12 EUR to GBP currency 12 EUR £ -- Convert 12 EUR to GBP currency 12 EUR to £ -- Convert 12 EUR to GBP currency from 12 € to GBP -- Convert 12 EUR to GBP currency to GBP from 3€ -- Convert 3 EUR to GBP currency to GBP 3€ -- Convert 3 EUR to GBP   Here the github repository: https://github.com/BigLuck/alfred2-currencyconverter And the .alfredworkflow direct download link: https://github.com/BigLuck/alfred2-currencyconverter/raw/master/Currency%20Converter.alfredworkflow  
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    Domenic reacted to dzejar in Adium workflow   
    Hi, I created yet-another-adium workflow.
    different icon for statuses other than available contacts alphabetically sorted (except Alfred's favourites) shows IM type (jabber, icq, skype, ...) contact fetch speed optimalization [new] different icon for contacts with unread messages [new] deeper speed optimalization [new] "not found" shown when there is not a contact matching the searched text [new] "im -" shows only contacts with unread messages [new] icons for "contact not found" and "contact with new message" changed [new] shows idle time if known [new] shows status message if any  

    The workflow is here.
    It seems there is a bug in Adium applescript support and the workflow could have problem with facebook contacts. But fortunately the facebook account can be connected using jabber protocol and then everything is sunny and blue...
    Translated: Is the workflow doesn't work for you temporarily disable facebook account... and maybe define jabber account to access facebook IM :-)
    - Jan
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    Domenic reacted to JvdMeulen in iMessage focus with part of name/handle   
    Hi guys,
    i often check my iMessages to see if someone is online.
    With this workflow you can search for people based on their name / handle (email / telephone / etc) and full name
    If it's a gtalk users it displays the online status
    When you enter it focusses the iMessages app, selects the user and you're ready to type a message.


    todo: the other protocol (bonjour) but let me know if anyone's interested.
    Let me know what you think of it 
    Download 0.01
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    Domenic reacted to Fasand in Bluetooth and wifi toggle   
    Here's a little workflow for toggling bluetooth and wifi.

    Basic usage:
    bt - toggle bluetooth, see status
    bluetooth - toggle bluetooth
    wifi - toggle wifi

    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcka1l6pxt8ibsn/BT%20%26%20Wifi%20Toggle.alfredworkflow (as of 08/03/2014)
    Important update: The latest version of this workflow uses a new (unofficial) version of blueutil which is a copy of the original source code, only rewritten and compiled (by me) for the latest OS X, that is for the OS X 10.10 beta, too. I am a little worried that by having it compiled for the beta, it won't work for 10.9 and lower but I hope there won't be a problem. If there is, please tell me and I will release a version with the original blueutil.

    Using: custom version of blueutil (http://www.frederikseiffert.de/blueutil/)
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    Domenic reacted to DimerHunton in Send Message/Content to Pushover   
    Hey tmbuk!
    I actually just wrapped up building a workflow that does this for myself today and decided to search the forum to see if anyone did anything similar and I found this post! Glad to see someone else thought to do this. 
    I figured out how to get Alfred to show the text passed with {query} within Notification Center. Turns out that the Keyword input had to be directly attached to the Post Notification output, not the script itself.
    Check it out here: http://db.tt/b4YauDLj
    (New users, don't forget to enter your API Token and User Key in the script!)
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    Domenic reacted to pstadler in Screen Sharing with automatic network discovery   
    I just released a Screen Sharing workflow with automatic discovery of hosts that have remote desktop enabled. Such amazing things are now possible thanks to the "Script Filter" input!
    Download — stable version.

    The source code is available here: https://github.com/pstadler/alfred-screensharing
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    Domenic reacted to simonbs in YouTube workflow   

    Just wanted to share the workflow I just created with other Alfred 2.0 beta testers. I hope that this is the right place to do so.

    The workflow allows the user to search YouTube and have the results returned to Alfred and then choose a video to watch. Just type youtube followed by the query. For example, the below will search for Rebecca Black videos.
    You can downloaded the latest version here and the source code is available at GitHub.

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    Domenic reacted to nickwynja in Dark Sky Workflow   
    This should fix that: http://cl.ly/293V3l0w3W0l
    The API docs said that it would potentially return nothing for the Next Hour summary, so I put that "No data" message. Rather than do that now, I just populate it with the next best guess.
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    Domenic reacted to Benzi in Take quick screenshots using the ScreenCapture workflow   
    This screen capture workflow in Alfred makes taking quick screenshots easy. Screenshots are saved to your Desktop or to the Clipboard based on the option you select.
    Download from here and give it  a whirl.
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    Domenic reacted to Benzi in Take quick screenshots using the ScreenCapture workflow   
    Try the latest version at the original download link. If you select any of the two options (Interactive / Save entire screen) while pressing the "Alt" key, you get the choice to open the taken picture in a new Mail message. This does not work for the copy to clipboard modes though.

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    Domenic reacted to isometry in iTunes Movie Trailers Search   
    Inspired by samvlu and MattCheetham here, I thought I'd try something a little different from my other workflows.
    I present iTunes Movie Trailers Search with poster icons. Find a movie by title and hit enter to open the movie trailer page in your default browser.
    Comments and pull requests welcome. Are the posters – as I suspect – a waste of time, bandwidth and space?
    Download / Source
    Note: initial population of the poster cache can take a few seconds, so give your first few searches time to complete.
    trailer avenge    # "Captain America: The First Avenger" + "The Avengers"
    trailer latest    # Special case: return Apple's "Just Added" listing
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    Domenic reacted to dave in Show uptime notification   
    I created a small workflow displaying the system's uptime in a notification.
    This is also useful as an example for integrating scripts in your workflow.
    - David
    EDIT: corrected the download link to a private hosting provider, wikisend appears to be dubious. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Domenic reacted to nickvitale in Browse and Manage alfred extension (alf)   
    Oh thank god! 3 nights in a row I was going to put in a request for this and 3 times I hit the backspace key and lost my text, thank you so much! So valuable!!
    I just needed a way to view all my installed workflows without opening the Alfred Preferences pane.
    I'm a workflow addict.
    I'm not a developer and this tool has HUGE potential in my opinion.
    I'm sure you're well booked with other requests but it'd be great if there could be non-developer features added to it..
    For instance, generating a link to share the creators URL The ability to open Alfred Preferences focused on that workflows, even if it just populates the search box for you It's awesome you got the keywords in, can you do the shortcut keys as well? I could probably go on and on... Thank you again, this is really so great!
    Thank you thank you!
    ### EDIT ###
    I was so excited I didn't even read the other posts. Now I see you can actually launch the workflow with the shift modifier. I don't know what to say. Thank you again, just awesome.
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