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  1. I think it's the only workflow for it that I know of. I hasten to say its the best because that would be biased. Heh. You can contribute to it here if need be - https://github.com/webkenny/alfred. It probably needs a refresh but I don't think Shortcat yet is scriptable. So this is kind of a workaround type deal. Edit: Sorry for stupidly long delay.
  2. Hi all! So I'm finally getting around to doing my very own workflow programming and I've run into some weirdness creating a Workflow that Runs a Bash Script in Alfred v2. I've tested this bash script on the command line and it works a treat. In fact, most of the workflow works in Alfred but a couple of things are funky: When using \n inside my echo commands it literally prints \n instead of using a new line. I'd like to format my virtual hosts files as I have them now. It's even more critical for /etc/hosts where that needs to on a new line. When running the mysql logic - It doesn't cr
  3. Simple workflow as part of a collection I'm starting. From the README: Shortcat Alfred Launcher 0.01 This simple workflow launches Shortcat (with the "ui" keyword) and runs it with the Alfred query. It's a simple bridge between Shortcat and Alfred. Since SC is not scriptable (Yet!) this is merely a keypress simulation. WARNING: This workflow assumes you are using {CMD-SHIFT-SPACE} (the default) as your Shortcat trigger. If not, you may have to modify the AppleScript included in the workflow for your needs. Grab it from the repository here: https://github.com/webkenny/alfred En
  4. As a programmer, I often write emails, posts, white papers, and other such things with code embedded in a rich text document. I would love to share a workflow I am working on with the world but I'm having a hell of a time trying to get what should be simple to work. Here's the vision: Write some code in a document Select the text Fire a global hotkey which triggers an Alfred workflow Copy the text Use an AppleScript to format the text to a Monaco font, perhaps with a background color, etc. Paste the text back (which, in theory should replace what's selected) I am falling down miserably at
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