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  1. Thank you for your help Vero. I was trying to find a TextEdit file in Documents dir which I knew contained a person's name. I wondered also whether perhaps there's an indexing bug as Spotlight initially failed to help but subsequently a Spotlight lookup succeeds. In Alfred, no portion of the search term showed anything but web searches; now the results are different, which you can see in the attachments: typing the first letters of the name indeed shows a local result, however when I continue typing the name, I get the aforementioned results. So I figure I might have so
  2. @Vero Thank you Vero. I'm using Alfred v4.1 Perhaps I misunderstand the docs or Alfred's capabilities but when I open Alfred and paste in a term prefixed by 'in', my understanding is that Alfred will search for the term in my files; am I incorrect? I ultimately found the file I was looking for via the Finder (it's one of <100 documents on a fairly new mac) and 'Troubleshooting passed', still, when I open Alfred (opt+space) and enter 'in' + my search term (no quotes) Alfred drops down google, amazon & wikipedia, and nothing else, nothing local at all.
  3. I'm new to Alfred. When I open Alfred and paste in a term I want to find in my local files Alfred drops down only web searches: google, amazon & wikipedia. what must I configure to ensure Alfred first looks at my documents, other local files, etc. - and last if at all the web (further, I'd like to customize which web searches are included/excluded)? Thank you, Whiskey T.
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