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  1. Is it possible to add characters counter? Right now I don't know if my message is not too long. Tweetbot integration would be great, whatever it does
  2. I just installed it. On amazon.com works great, but on Amazon.de not so good, this is before and after (yes - they are the same): https://www.amazon.de/Nintendo-Switch-Konsole-Grau-2019/dp/B07W13KJZC?pf_rd_r=KZPSC02CKA27F12JWRPM&pf_rd_p=f6c987c2-74e9-4cb4-ac98-788b2ab13bdc&pd_rd_r=30ee7e3a-fde1-434b-b587-0c4b66921954&pd_rd_w=hn1Oq&pd_rd_wg=MLD3x&ref_=pd_gw_crs_zg_bs_300992 https://www.amazon.de/Nintendo-Switch-Konsole-Grau-2019/dp/B07W13KJZC?pf_rd_r=KZPSC02CKA27F12JWRPM&pf_rd_p=f6c987c2-74e9-4cb4-ac98-788b2ab13bdc&pd_rd_r=30ee7e3a-fde1-434b
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