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  1. Apologies - I am rambling a bit because I don't know what I'm asking. The starting time is the key to my workflow. At the beginning of an appointment, I capture the {datetime} in the standard ISO 8601 format, e.g., 2020-09-06T18:02:17-07:00 Because every other action in my workflow will be a response to this time, I am trying to capture it in the {clipboard} where I can later retrieve it and perform more actions on it (e.g., later in the workflow I will know the duration of the appointment in minutes so I can use {datetime/date/or time} to add the minutes for a resultant end date). However, when I call it back up as a {clipboard} item later on in the workflow, I found that I couldn't manipulate it as a {datetime} object - so, I couldn't use the original ISO 8601 format to do things like add an hour and ten minutes to come up with an end time for said appointment. Update: I figured out how to do this using the clipboard: {date +20m {query}:HH:mm} In case it helps anybody else: The workflow looks like this: There's nothing spectacular about the Keyword, but I did have to select "Argument Optional" on the right side of the top line: I identified the argument (in the top section, next to {query}) in order to enter additional time. Also went ahead and made a couple variables because I know I'm going there, but they're not necessary for the initial transformation (the "duration" variable is necessary to check my work, but I probably won't use it for my final workflow) : Finally, the clipboard section where I formatted the {datetime} component: ...and a large type display to check the work (note the "duration" variable that I'm using to alter the time so I know it's applying correctly) : Now I'll start messing with variables because I'm going to want to keep the original time longer than would be feasible for clipboard use.
  2. I'm building a workflow that supports an overall time-tracking function. The starting point is to capture the {datetime} in an ISO 8601 format - I want to manipulate the {datetime} in various ways later in the workflow, so I'm capturing it to the {clipboard}. I've tried to call up the {clipboard} entry and take action on it (i.e., modify the output of the date and time like I would with an actual {datetime} entry - {time {clipboard}:HH:mm}), but it returns a hot mess of the clipboard contents mixed up with the text of my attempted query. How can I convert the {clipboard} back to a {datetime} so that I can manipulate the format of the original date and time?
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