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  1. Oh my goodness, THANK YOU @vitor, Im sorry for replying so late, I was logged out and didn't realize I got any responses, but wow does the workflow you made do exactly what I was looking for so perfectly. And yeah the code I posted was practically pointless and was going nowhere, just thought I would make some attempts before asking for help. And "ask the Finder to do it, because it know what the rules are" is a very good way to put it and a nice way of thinking, will definitely try and jump into AppleScript as soon as I can.
  2. Hello, I am trying to replicate the way macOS duplicates a file but I'm very new to scripting and Alfred and what I'm doing isn't working too well. Currently I have this extremely basic script, which I've commented out since they don't really work. #cp $1 $1 #cp {query} {query}_copy2 The problem is I can't get the name of the duplicate to change so that it has something at the end of the name, such as "copy 1". I am looking for a result similar to the image below. It would be great as an Alfred file browser action to duplicate the in the same location
  3. I am obsessed with Alfred's clipboard history, it's quick raw extremely reliable and extremely functional form factor and versatility. My concern is that I use it as a replacement for reminders/note keeping as it's way more convenient to quickly type something and copy it, then later when need to recall it, simply search based on specific reminding characters. The problem is that this only remains available for only three months and that's extremely unfortunate. I also use BetterTouchTools on my Mac and they offer clipboard history to remain for up to one year, but the form factor just isn't as convenient as Alfred since Alfred just offers more. I am aware that memory management might the reason why it's capped to three months, but I only use it for text, and have disable it for images and files, so maybe that should make it a but more manageable, especially since BTT's clipboard offers it with no issues.
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