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  1. No, I did teach Finder to remember my preferred view settings. So whenever I create a new Finder window, I have no issues. It's only when I invoke a folder from Alfred that it falls back to a small window size, not aligned with my preferences.
  2. Hi there, I just set up Alfred on my new iMac, syncing settings from my MacBook Pro install. I can open new Finder windows with my preferred view options (see here) when invoking it from the Finder (e.g. new window with ⌘N). The window size, list ordering (in my case, reverse chronological) etc. is how I want it to be. However when I open a folder through Alfred (which I do countless times a day), it will always revert to a small Finder window size and alphabetical ordering. I don't recall having the same issue on my other machine. Does anyone know what could be the issue here?
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