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  1. @vitor Thanks Dude! Just got 30 minutes of my life back 🙂
  2. Hi @vitor any chance you can make a bulk import but for themes? I can't code but actually tried to change the words "workflow" to "theme" in your source code.. as I expected.. no luck lol. Hence the request for help Thanks
  3. Hey All Just wanted to let people who were having issues connecting the extension with the workflow as documented here https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-firefox/issues/15 that I was able to get it to work by moving the alfred backup folder to my dropbox directory. The backup folder was originally placed in a directory that synced with icloud and also had a weird long name (e.g. "3 resources and things"). I'm not a coder at all but kinda felt that if the worklow can't find server.sh, etc... that it might have something to do with the folder length, naming, or icloud. Anyway, thanks Deanishe for this contribution. It really makes life easier!
  4. Hi Deanishe I found your workflow recently and it seems to be the only thing I can find (Alfred or not) that give me a view of all my open tabs from safari iphone. i use vivaldi on my Mac and was wondering if there's a way to open a bookmark/tab found using this workflow on Vivaldi. I also have Choosy and tried to add Alfred as a source app so that it would trigger the browser selection prompt whenever i click on a bookmark found from your workflow, but it doesn't work. Wondering if you could give any suggestions. Also, I notice (for reasons i don't really understand) that there's something about Safari 13 which has basically caused you to dump this workflow. Is there anything else comparable to it? (need not be in alfred) Thanks!
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