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    iApple got a reaction from dfay in Snippet Date format   
    Enter in snippet  {date:MMddyy} 
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    iApple reacted to tylerhall in Sharing some useful simple Universal Action   
    TextBuddy developer here 👋
    Definitely looking into how to make all of TB's commands available through Alfred. I've been using Alfred myself since the pre-1.0 days, so getting TextBuddy connected would be a huge improvement for me as well.
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    iApple got a reaction from Pearcen in Using alfred to start many applications at once and set up multiple workspaces   
    Thanks @Pearcen. I've modified it work with my setup.
    Pity workflow below doesn't work on Big Sur. It lists all layouts in Moom setup so can pick & choose which one to launch. 2nd portion works which is essentially @dfayscript but the 1st portion of getting list from Moom only works on Catalina.
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    iApple got a reaction from Pearcen in Using alfred to start many applications at once and set up multiple workspaces   
    @Pearcen, thanks will give it a try. ^⌥⌘W is your shortcut for a specific Moom layout?
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    iApple got a reaction from JJJJ in Calendar Workflow   
    Didn't know this calendar workflow exited and thanks for fixing for Big Sur. Unfortunately Big Sur does render few workflows obsolete 🤨. Hopefully more workflows will get updated. Thanks again for fixing this one.
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    iApple got a reaction from giovanni in Consolidation of list of Workflows?   
    Thanks for the reply. This forum has been where I've been looking but it's bit difficult to discover a workflow (most of the time I come across workflows that are very helpful). Didn't realise some of these workflows existed until stubbled across them.
    https://awesomeopensource.com/project/msoedov/Alfred-collection - more structured summary but it's outdated though.
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    iApple reacted to deanishe in Supporting alternative browser?   
    Generally speaking, no, you can't tell Alfred to use a different browser to your default one. Neither globally nor for specific features.
    You can specify a different browser in a workflow, so if there are just a few you want to open in Brave, you could recreate them in a workflow (it's only a Keyword plus an Open URL).
    Choosy might also be worth a look. You can set that as your default browser and have it send URLs to any browser you like according to your own rules.
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    iApple reacted to vitor in Dropbox desktop app required to sync?   
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    iApple got a reaction from Alan He in How do I import workflows?   
    Download the file, double click on that file, Alfred should prompt you to import or cancel.
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