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  1. Yes, sure - available API is a must. I am just looking to build-in Alfrred integration with search in the bookmarks of Chrome/Safary...
  2. Use case 1 (e.g.): Alfred: prefix "mm" (for FreePlane) → shows a list of all [opened] mind maps → (click on one of them) → FreePlane: redirect to Freeplane and switching to the mind map. https://sourceforge.net/p/freeplane/featurerequests/2533/ Use case 2 (e.g.): Alfred: prefix "m" and search word/phrase → highlight of found map and phrase → (on click) FreePlane: redirect to the place in the mind map. https://sourceforge.net/p/freeplane/featurerequests/2532/
  3. +1 to the improvement request. I have the same need. It would be very useful! Update: it would be also add an option to search in all users and in different users separately by shortcut and/or using a prefix (1: ... OR p: ...). Why: I have 2 user profiles - "private" and "work" one, and it is nice to do a search: 1) In all bookmarks → open in the corresponding user profile 2) In private only → open in the "private" user profile 3) In work only → open in the "work" user profile Ideal option could be to select where the search is done by default and prefixes/shortcuts for each
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