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  1. Little Snitch put out an update today (5.0.2) with the following change: With this, I've been able to turn off identity check for the processes I use, and so far it appears that all of my searches work as intended now.
  2. That might be it. It seems like for the most part the ones that I'm having an issue with, have queries now that I've figured out how to allow some of them. Some of the ones that Little Snitch doesn't like are: Reddit for Alfred [it doesn't like the location that reddit.py queries from when it accesses background.pyc] (though that one's weird because it works for a little bit after I allow the process and had seemingly been working the last couple hours, so maybe this one was simple) Searchio! [it doesn't like that it has Alfred connect to the internet out of /Users/[user
  3. I have contacted Little Snitch, and I'm waiting back from them. I was hoping there was something else going on that I could work around. I was able to get the speedtest, dark sky, and giphy workflows to work, because they doesn't run out of a new cache every time so I can just flag the process as okay. Is it just the nature of certain workflows that they have to create a cache every time, whereas certain workflows can just run out of the workflow location?
  4. Big Sur beta 9 Alfred 1.4.2 [1175] Little Snitch 5.0 preview (6130) I use Little Snitch to block various tracking info that apps may try to send back. Over the years, Little Snitch and Alfred have worked flawlessly. However, the update to big Sur and changes to network monitoring APIs have created an issue for me. Apparently Alfred workflows work without being signed; which does make sense because they're third party additions. Woever, because of this, and that Alfred runs this process from a different source every time, it is impossible for me to actually flag any of the pr
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