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  1. Useful, thank you! Would be even better if it could indicate the current state of the "Do no disturb" toggle (either in the Alfred menu or in a notification)
  2. Hey guys, I know that it feels nice to do everything possible right inside Alfred, but sometimes you have much better way. In your case you should just add a shortcut to the "Show Help Menu" action, you will then just have to type what you want and hit enter. Much faster and reliable than any AppleScript plugin. What it looks like : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/574568/Screenshots/y5Q3.png
  3. Hey guys, the download link in the first post was deprecated, I updated it to use directly the file on Github : https://github.com/loris/alfred-hackernews-workflow/blob/master/Hacker%20News.alfredworkflow?raw=true This update should fix your select issue.
  4. Forcing APM users to install git sounds like a bad idea, why not just fetching out the ZIP bundle (then unzip and replace the existing dir content) from the workflow repository on Github ? (Just append /archive/master.zip to the repository url ie, https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap/archive/master.zip)
  5. Of course, this is why Github would be a great place to host the repo. Github can manage a huge amount of traffic especially if serving a simple static JSON file listing all the available workflows.
  6. What about using a Github public repository like other package managers do (bower, npm, etc)? Simple, free and safe. Developers will have to push their workflows on their own Github repositories (a lot of workflows are already on Github anyway) and do a pull request to be added in the (un-)official repository after getting approved by a list of maintainers (let's say Andrew, David, ...). The workflow installer tools will be able to query the list of packages directly on Github without worrying about bandwidth or uptime
  7. +1, especially to allow workflows to play with APIs requiring OAuth authentication
  8. This is available in Alfred since v1, have a look at the "Buffer" tab in the File Search Feature panel
  9. Yeah, I know about keychain and the oob pin code concerning Twitter. I know this is not perfect for the user but it works! What i am more concerned about is the growing number of APIs (Facebook, Google, Pocket to name just a few) that just won't let you use authentication with PIN code or classic login/password.
  10. This is a json encoded string. This is really simple to parse, depending on the language you use in your workflow. In PHP, for instance just do: $parsed = json_decode($api_response, true); return $parsed['links']['image_link'];
  11. In order to build workflows that use third-party APIs, we sometimes need to authenticate the users. At the moment, we can ask the user for its credential and store them in the workflow settings. That is not cool. Futhermore, some API service are now OAuth only and won't let developers log users using their private credentials. My request is to give workflow developers a way to handle OAuth, especially the token response. The easiest way I see to implement that would be to extend alfred URI scheme to workflows. For instance, I have a workflow with the following bundle id: "com.foobar.bundle", with a single "foobar.php" php file inside the workflow folder. I could give to the third-party API the following URI as the OAuth return url: alfred://com.foobar.bundle/foobar.php The foobar.php script would then be able to get the token parameters and finalize the authentication.
  12. I think both of your requests have nothing to do with Alfred but the way you implement your workflows. Your workflow should be able to tell Alfred to display a "Please wait" feedback item, then populate the feedback list as soon as you receive data.
  13. I use Alfred for a freaking lots of actions and that's why I love it so much, but my primary use (and I'm pretty sure that's the case of most Alfred users) is to use it as an Application Launcher. However lots of applications nowadays are web apps: Gmail, Facebook, Google Reader, Deezer, Remember the milk,... The issue I have when using Alfred to launch web app is that I can't switch to one of them if it's already opened, Alfred would launch a new duplicate tab. For instance, when using "Open Gmail" action in Alfred, I would love to have it check first if my default browser already has Gmail opened in any tabs and then would just switch to this tab instead. I know this can be kind of done using Applescript but it would be awesome to have this feature built-in as an option in the "Open url" feature
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