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  1. Try this, maybe it helps https://bit.ly/2IgVrRH
  2. Thanks for the answer. I knew this script already. I thought 4 years not updated it might not work on Alfred 4 since the description says it was designed for Alfred 3. Anyways, I did a little research and found out, that it is actually very easy to create these *.alfredsnippets files which one need to import snippets into Alfred 4. Since the derickfay script describes the process a little different (to put the files into the Contents folder). Which does not work anymore, because as far as I understand, the snippets get stored into a binary *.alfdb file. So I decided to write m
  3. Hi, I have tons of text snippets saved in TextExpander. Like many people do. Since Alfred becomes powerful on that topic, I wanted to fully change to Alfred and leaving TextExpander behind. Why using two Apps when it can be done with just one, right? But as you can imagine, "converting" all TextExpander Snippets into Alfred by hand would be a hell of work, that I am not willing to do. As far as I'm aware, there's actually no import function to import snippets from CSV files? So that would be a very handy feature to have. Or at least some kind of script that does the job
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