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  1. Download the theme here. Dark Darker
  2. Nice. That dark one has the perfect black color!
  3. Right? I thought it came in pretty handy.
  4. @arkain Because I'm hosting them here now. It's much cleaner and easier to download this way.
  5. So I created this neat document that anyone can view to house all of my Alfred themes and keep them organized and looking sharp. Bookmark the link if you want as I will be updating it. Go here -> Alfred Themes
  6. marlon

    Flamingo Theme

    This was 80's inspired. Super clean! Can download here. Dark Light
  7. marlon

    Hey Theme

    I wanted to try my hand at a Hey Theme. There are both light and dark modes. For Downloads -> Followthis link DARK MODE: LIGHT MODE:
  8. Awesome! I'm glad that worked for ya!! Thank you!
  9. Hey, sorry about that. I'm new to this and I thought by sharing it to Alfred, it gives everyone access to download it as well. Can you let me know if this works: Vendra ?
  10. Thanks, Chris!
  11. Just wanted to make a super clean dark theme. Enjoy!
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