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  1. This doesn't really solve my problem, since Slack is definitely one of the apps where I want my Alfred snippets to auto-expand. However, I didn't think about how Slack might have it's own expansions. It turns out Slack doesn't, but OS X does include some by default, like "Smart quotes" and "Smart dashes". See this tweet: https://twitter.com/slackhq/status/588839335748837376 "Smart dashes" turns two dashes (--) into an en dash (–), which my arrow shortcut does include. I tried turning "Smart dashes" off, but I still get the "Create snippet" Slack dialog when I try to use my Alfred
  2. I have a few Slack snippets set up to automatically expand when I type the keyword. I like to use these shortcuts in Slack, however some of these trigger the "New snippet" dialog box in Slack, and others do not. For instance, the "-->" shortcut will trigger the "New snippet" box, but not the "<--" shortcut. See this screen capture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1p683hcb371090z/alfred-slack-01.mov?dl=0 The "" shortcut also triggers it. The Slack documentation says the keyboard shortcut for "New snippet" is CMD + ENTER (on Mac). Could Alfred be triggering this through a hi
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