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  1. @tbrown I just checked that factorials *are* supported through the "fact(5)" syntax. Also a bit more explanation about degrees/radians. Both are in the same thread (probably someone who tried the same things as you did! 😆): https://soulver.canny.io/feature-requests/p/factorial-and-trigonometry
  2. @tbrown I can't really do anything about the factorials, SoulverCore doesn't allow adding custom operators. I'd suggest you make a feature request for factorials at https://soulver.canny.io/. I don't know how likely it is that they will accept it, as Soulver is more focused on general day-to-day calculations rather than technical ones. For using degrees, it should work same as any other unit, e.g.: "sin(90 degrees)". It seems a bit fiddly though, and finetuning this through the EngineCustomization entrypoint doesn't seem to work. I'll make an issue about that myself.
  3. @Halopend @Acidham macOS doesn't like it when executables are downloaded from the internet. The framework is definitely codesigned (it's provided from Soulver). It's a matter of macOS quarantining these files because they come from a download. To solve that, once you import it, you can go into the workflow folder, open it in the Terminal, and run xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine . That should let it work. I've also added instructions on how to work around this to the release on GitHub.
  4. This workflow uses SoulverCore (already included, no dependencies!) to parse whatever you throw at it, and replies with the result. Apart from arithmetic, it can do calculations with money, measurements, conversions, ratios, times, dates, time zones, etc. It's an amazing replacement for Alfred's integrated calculator. Download at https://github.com/cprecioso/alfred-soulvercore/releases/latest I saw that recently the folks behind Soulver had made their calculation engine open-source. I immediately thought that it would be an awesome project to integrate into Alfred, as I
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