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  1. Sweet. I used to have a workflow with similar functionality a long time ago in my engineering degree that was SUPER useful. Like... black magic useful. I could enter complex equations which mixed notations left/right and have extra confidence in my results as if the units didn't work out I'd know something was wrong immediately (like if the answer didn't come out to joules). Anyway, couple of notes. 1. Having c as the keyword trigger, though it works, feels a little too short/generic to me. May sc or something else with a little more personality would be better. Plus it
  2. Nice. Just tried it out and I like it. Maybe a little on the larger side than most, but it's clean and easy to read. I could seriously use this as my daily driver, which considering how picky I am is a pretty great compliment I think. I suggest you give it a cool name and submit it at https://www.packal.org/theme-list.
  3. New user here, so I can't be the most help.... but you definitely want to create a workflow plugin for Alfred. If you go to Alfred's settings > Workflows and then click the + sign you can create a new workflow. I suggest you start from the blank template. After you give it a name and the like like, if you right click your new plugin itself in the left most listings where all the plugins are shown, you can select "open in finder" to reveal the folder where you plugin is. This will let you embed your script files as needed (like your *.py file in this case. Now the juicy pa
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