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  1. Hey guys! Thanks for your answers! I'm going to go through your suggestions in detail to see if I can start learning a little about all of this. I should have clarified in my first message, but I was in the middle of a night shift and didn't have a lot of time: The reason for using this way instead of using the keys on the keyboard, is because I needed to set the brightness to 0.7953. That adjusts the display brightness to 120lm/m2 which is what I calibrated it to. For certain work, I need it to be at that setting, which is impossible to match using the keys or any of the other tools that I've seen around. @deanishe I realize I have to first understand the difference between a shell command and a normal command, if there even is one. @politicus (as your 2nd link suggests) I actually had homebrew installed with the brightness package. That's how I was making it work from Terminal. As I figured it seems like it was embarrassingly simple to solve, but like I said my knowledge is basically zero. If you have any suggestions as where to start learning/reading (is this coding?), I'd be glad to take any advice.
  2. First time around here, thanks in advance for your help. So my question might seem absurdly simple, but my knowledge about advanced Alfred & Terminal is minimal. What I need to learn is how to run a very simple command in Terminal, exactly this: brightness 0.75 I've been able to do so in two different ways: 1) directly from Alfred search, using the > 2) creating a workflow that triggers a Terminal Command using a keyword Problem is both of those launch Terminal, and this is what I want to avoid. I'd like for Terminal to run it in the background. I've read there's a way to do it using the action Run Script instead of the Terminal Command. And here's where I get totally lost. I have no idea how to set up that Run Script to make it work. Searching through the Forum hasn't helped much, because most questions are by people who know far more than I do, and I get lost in the complexity. I hope you can help me. Thanks!
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