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  1. @vitor Thank you very much for confirming this matter for me, but I found it very difficult to remember using four modifier keys and other key combinations as shortcut keys. This troubles me .....😪😪
  2. +1 for the favicon. Even if the size of the icon is not the same, it is better than nothing,Setting up one by one takes a lot of time, With the icon, it is very obvious, The icons of many websites are the root directory followed by "/favicon.ico" @mareoraft Thank you very much for providing this api tool.
  3. @deanishe Thanks for your reply, I will use this method to handle characters that need to be escaped.
  4. I use snippet to help me remember many linux commands, such as setting ps -ef | grep {clipboard}, if the value of the clipboard contains points, for example, I run a shell called b.sh, "ps -ef | grep b.sh" will also filter out /bin/bash and other information. The correct one should be "b\ .sh". I hope sinppet can provide escape transform utility .
  5. Hi all: Do hotkey triggers must have one of the modifier keys? I want to open a url website with space and a number key , but I found that one of the four modifier keys must be set in the setting of the hotkey trigger. I know that an application called "spaceluncher" has this feature, but it has no way to specify the browser to open a url website. Hope to hear from you!
  6. @AndrewThank you very much for your reply, the method you provided is better, and I will change my processing way to the way you provided!
  7. 1. Alfred Version:4.2 2. MacOS Version: 10.15.7 3. Device: MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) 4. when I use Utilities --> Conditional this utility , Because I set a lot of conditions, when conditional utility is opened again, there is no way to continue add a new condition ,I can only press esc to exit. I hope this dialog box can add a scroll wheel to support sliding. 5. Now my way is to set two conditional utility, but this is not elegant.
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