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  1. Hi vitor! Thank you very much for your patience to explain to me. This problem has troubled me for a day, and finally solved my problem through your reply.😀👍
  2. I have done the above settings, how to get it in the runscript component(python interpreter)? I tried to use {var:str1}, but did not get the corresponding clipboard information.
  3. I want to get the most recent history content in the clipboard, Not only the last one , use dynamic placeholders are convenient and direct. It seems that the two ways you provide can not get previous clipboard history....
  4. In the following code, the corresponding content of str1 and str2 are the same, str1 is obtained from the clipboard. str2 is directly assigned. But the value is the same. then they are split in the same way. But the content obtained is different. I am very confused and don't know the reason. Please help me to answer.
  5. Hi Guys: In the snippet settting dialog it support nested other snippet ,but the compent "Write text File" do not support snippet, Can support this ?
  6. @vitor my sinppet is large because these correspond to some very long SQL statements. I have set up a lot of snippets for operating the azkaban database. In the snippet name text, I have already set 'azkaban' as earlier character. I mainly want to display the full snippet name in the snippet search window panel.
  7. Hi Guys: This is my alfred sinppet search window , the left side of the window is the name of snippet, the right side of the window is the sinippet conent and the key word. because my snippet name is too long, and when I forgot the keyword of snippet, I mainly search by snippet name. When a certain one is selected, the hidden name is not prompted and the window size cannot be adjusted... Can the full name be displayed when one is selected?
  8. hi everyone: Alfred supports precise search by keyword, but I have a lot of workflows, and sometimes I will forget the keyword of my workflow. I want to be able to fuzzy search for alfred workflows by name and keywords. Just like searching for snippet use "viewer hotkey". Now I have to "alfred preferences => workflow => filter text box" the process is little bit of trouble.... Is there a way can fuzzy search the existing workflow in Alfred by name or keyword through viewer hotkey ?
  9. @deanishe I understand, thank you for explaining the principle of the code to me.😀👍
  10. I just learned python, and I used the method provided below to get the contents of the clipboard in python. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43860227/python-getting-and-setting-clipboard-data-with-subprocesses import subprocess def getClipboardData(): p = subprocess.Popen(['pbpaste'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE) retcode = p.wait() data = p.stdout.read() return data The problem is this code "retcode = p.wait()" I checked the official documentation of python, It says that "This will deadlock when using stdout=PIPE and/orstderr=PIPE and the child process generates enough output to a pipe such that it blocks waiting for the OS pipe buffer to accept more data. Use communicate() to avoid that." I don't know the use of this code, I finally deleted this line of code and there was no problem. I hope this problem I encountered can help others.
  11. Hi @deanishe: Here is my workflow file and my test data: Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1nRav43NhuTULNH2WxC5saQ password: vvmi In this file, there are 642 rows of data and 3 columns.These data are processed normally using workflow, but if one more row is added, the workflow will have no respose. The usage of the workflow is to copy the file in the text, and then enter "rowhandle + delimiter specified by yourself" in alfred. ============== I finally find out the reason.. because the pipe size is 64KB limit, In my python code, to get clipboard content function part , process.wait() is used. Thank you very much for your help, Best Wishes!
  12. I designed a workflow myself, mainly used to process the information output by the mysql client in the clipboard, separated by the passed in separator. When the text is relatively small, the work is very fast, but once it exceeds a certain line count, there is no response. My workflow design is as follows, mainly using "Run Script" components, which use pyhon code. Does the workflow in Alfred have restrictions on processing large amounts of text? what should I do? Other: masOS Catalina 10.15.7 alfred:4.2.1
  13. @vitor Thank you very much for confirming this matter for me, but I found it very difficult to remember using four modifier keys and other key combinations as shortcut keys. This troubles me .....😪😪
  14. +1 for the favicon. Even if the size of the icon is not the same, it is better than nothing,Setting up one by one takes a lot of time, With the icon, it is very obvious, The icons of many websites are the root directory followed by "/favicon.ico" @mareoraft Thank you very much for providing this api tool.
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