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  1. Awesome! You are right, seems like appearance related. Can you duplicate the present theme that you're using and then use the duplicated theme? I feel like that would solve it!
  2. If you could upload the logs somewhere / paste here, I can take a look The way the workflow is structured, it's not possible to do this
  3. I'm tracking both of these bugs here: https://github.com/mr-pennyworth/alfred-gif/issues
  4. Let me take a look at what is happening with command-return. About the theme issue, can you upload your theme somewhere?
  5. @Chris Messina CleanShot just added OCR capabilities: https://cleanshot.com/changelog Would it be possible for you to ask them to expose the functionality through a URL just like everything else?
  6. while @deanishe's suggestion does get the OP's problem solved, the issue remains that Alfred has a dropdown with "/usr/bin/php" as a choice, while "/usr/bin/php" doesn't exist. This should be filed as a bug, right?
  7. This is how the workflow and the connections inside should look: This is how the one you exported looks like: The original workflow doesn't support arbitrary modifications. The only supported modification is: 1. copy a pair of yellow nodes 2. edit the keyword in the copied big yellow node and the "searchdir" variable in small yellow node 3. just like the other yellow nodes are connected, (big yellow -> small yellow -> (white and orange)) establish exactly the same connections in your copied nodes too Right now it looks like you have customized/modified the workflow beyond the intended way of modification. Do tell me if you have any questions or need further clarification or explanation
  8. Would it be possible to export your modified "Fuzzy Finder 2" workflow, upload it somewhere and share it? I have a suspicion that the bug is in the modification. Also, can you check if the unmodified version of the workflow works correctly?
  9. @woz_one glad you find it useful! Can you provide debugger output along with the name and full path of file you want to open? I just tried and it opens file as expected, so need as much info as I can get
  10. Glad you find it useful! That's a good point! I should change it when I get around to it Nope, that's not possible right now, and unlikely to be implemented. That's because I haven't yet found the need where I frequently search inside multiple folders. Especially given that it is fuzzy search, most of the time, just searching the parent folder should do.
  11. Oh interesting! Is it because of python or mdfind? I couldn't really use Fuzzy Folders because most of the files I keep searching for reside in symlinked folders which spotlight does not index. Haven't done a comparison, but it does give a satisfying "instantly update search results as you type each letter" (instantly meaning less than 90 milliseconds on my 2013 mbp to search through 15k files)
  12. Instant Fuzzy File Search: Download List all the files inside a folder using fd, and instantly fuzzy-search through all of them using fzf, all from inside Alfred with a single keyword: fzf. Screenshots Invoke with fzf Search through tens of thousands of files Fuzzy search shows most relevant results There's a folder action too! Search even inside apps Manually create folder-specific keywords Alternative and comparison Fuzzy Folders is another fuzzy search workflow that is more configurable and customizable. Instant Fuzzy File Search doesn’t have any plans to match all the features supported by Fuzzy Folders. Neither does it aim to be as easy to customize. Take a look at the table below for a quick comparison between the two.
  13. Sorry, it is currently not possible. I'm working on next version where it can be configured 🤞🏼
  14. Reading forum posts properly would save me some precious time! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
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