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  1. @swiggy if you want to search through previous queries, you can use this workflow:
  2. @40-02 @deanishe @vitor Here you go: It's rough around the edges, but better than nothing
  3. Alfred History Search An Alfred workflow to search through query history, and execute queries from history. Note: This post might be out-of-date. Here's the up-to-date README. Usage Download the latest release Searching Through Query History Assign hotkey trigger (⌃R recommended)While using Alfred, press the hotkey. Alfred's query history will show up: Start typing to search through the query history. Actioning any of the history entries makes Alfred search that query. Deleting Query History Type .clear-afred-query-history in Alfred.
  4. oh wow!! Just switched from "wait until previous script finishes" to "terminate previous scripts" So much snappier and much less flickering! No idea why I had set that setting in the first place 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. @deanishe is right in pointing this out. Rather, I would even go ahead and make a guess that Alfred's not designed to be used this way. However, in the spirit of tinkering, if we're okay with ugly, unwieldy hacks to just see what's possible, what you're asking @lukerooneyio, can be done. Be warned: It is ugly It is possible that it has performance issues It leads to inconsistency That out of the way, here's how one could go about achieving the end result of "google search suggestions in Alfred without explicitly typing a keyword". Oh wait,
  6. @chris I've put together a small tutorial for workflow authors here: https://github.com/mr-pennyworth/alfred-extra-pane#tutorial And a few question-answer pairs for technical internals here: https://github.com/mr-pennyworth/alfred-extra-pane#technical-qa I see a few problems with swiftUI: I would imagine there are far more workflow authors who can put together nice looking HTML than swiftUI, all the complexities of the implementation of the extra pane aside, as far as the workflow authors are concerned, I want the integration to be as simple and fri
  7. Thanks @chris! When you want a panel to be shown at side, and some HTML to be show inside it, yep, you can use the AlfredExtraPane.app. All you got to do is add an html filepath to quicklookurl of the JSON and then pipe it to the app (the readme has an example). For building something like this GIF workflow, it is true that AlfredExtraPane.app was an inspiration, but it can't just directly be used to build the GIF workflow, it isn't flexible enough. For this GIF workflow, I simply took the code of AlfredExtraPane.app and modified it to fit the GIF needs, thus programming in swift was i
  8. Alfred GIF Search Download: Gif.Search.alfredworkflow Up-to-date README (this post might be outdated) This workflow lets you search GIFs on Tenor from Alfred. Here's an example of searching and inserting a GIF in a google doc: Installation Download the latest release. In Alfred, run .setup-gif-search. Usage In Alfred, enter gif keyword followed by search query. Press ↩. Use arrow keys or mouse to browse the GIFs. To copy the selected GIF to clipboard: either ⌘↩ or ⌘-click To drop the GIF into
  9. FAstest eMOji Search (FAMOS) Instant search for emojis in Alfred with related keywords in 25 languages This post might be outdated, link to up-to-date README Download the latest versions: github release FAMOS speaks many languages! FAMOS uses emojibase, which is an excellent library, meticulously curated. So, all the languages that emojibase supports, FAMOS automatically does too. FAMOS is the fastest! 10x to 20x faster compared to alfred-emoji and EmojiTaco! FAMOS launches in under 20 miliseconds (imperceptible), while both the othe
  10. @scafaj wow this is really puzzling I looked through all the permissions for alfred on my machine. The only outcome is: disable "System Events" and I get the exact same error that you get. Enable it back, and the error goes away. Given that that's not working on your machine, and I've tried everything that I can think of, now I'm out of ideas 🙁 Good to hear that the "press shift for preview" thing at least works...
  11. I do see it... Google Chrome System Events Finder Terminal
  12. @scafaj hmm... sorry, I'm confused... is it working now? Or is the issue still there even after enabling "system events"?
  13. @scafaj: regarding the above, make sure that alfred has Security & Privacy > Automation > System Events.app permission
  14. @scafaj can you confirm that you aren't using 'Alfred Classic' theme? If you are, then either change the theme or duplicate it and use the duplicated one. If you are not, can you reboot and check if the problem persists? If you reboot and it persists, I'm not sure what might be going wrong... while I try to figure that out, you can do the following meanwhile: Open the workflow folder. Open the file search.sh The last two lines will be: echo "{ \"items\": $items }" \ | 'AlfredExtraPane.app/Contents/Resources/scripts/alfred-extra-pane' Change th
  15. @scafajAlso to decide whether the problem is with the dictionary search and indexing or with the viewer, you can open in your browser and try searching there. Does it show results at all?
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