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  1. I have a suspicion that it might not be possible to change that keybinding... Nonetheless, if you're okay with keeping "Fn + Backspace" and want to add your own shortcut in addition, you can follow this: Check my post, and Andrew's explanation following right after that post. Hope it helps!
  2. My emoji search workflow has a JSON file with following stats: Filesize: 2.1 MB Character Count: 1304946 Line Count: 1 Alfred loads it correctly without truncation. Maybe it is worth investigating whether it is Alfred truncating your JSON file or something else causing the truncation...
  3. Ongoing discussion with two working solutions: https://github.com/biati-digital/alfred-calculate-anything/issues/22
  4. Sorry folks for all the errors and failures you keep running into! The workflow is way too hacky with no good logging, error reporting and very poor debugging... I started working on a revamped version with detailed logging, less moving parts and a consolidated code base in a single swift binary, but work at my day job has gotten way too hectic and the revamping of workflows and bugfixes have taken a backseat I'd gladly merge pull requests though! Thanks and apologies!
  5. Quite likely not possible with just Alfred. If you don't mind using https://karabiner-elements.pqrs.org/ which is free and open source, it is easy. Note: for this to work, you'll have to set Alfred Preferences > Appearance > Options > Focusing to "Compatibility Mode" Just add the following rule to ~/.config/karabiner/karabiner.json: { "description": "Tab as down arrow in Alfred", "manipulators": [ { "conditions": [ { "bundle_identifiers": [ "^com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" ], "type": "fron
  6. I love this discussion minus the part where @Chris Messina felt unwelcome. From my limited interactions with @deanishe and @vitor I feel damn confident that no one on this thread means to attack / argue in bad faith with anyone. MacOS settings: I don't agree with the thesis that Apple's "Default Web Browser" setting is misleading or incomplete. "Web" implies http(s), no? I don't see any ambiguity there. Apple is saying "choose an app to open http(s) urls". It is just that for all other URL schemes, Apple hasn't provided a UI. But whatever UI is present, it is precise, and comp
  7. @Shakti Here's the download link: https://github.com/ibnuh/alfred-character-counter-workflow/releases/download/1.0/Character.Word.Counter.alfredworkflow Here's the link to the page, in which the downloads are listed: https://github.com/ibnuh/alfred-character-counter-workflow/releases
  8. @Espresso Edit: Here's your workflow modified to do exactly what you were aiming for: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eX_pa_E3thrMvdKVKzYDpjrKyOT2oLyS/view?usp=sharing I haven't edited the python script at all, just re-arranged and edited some stuff in the workflow editor. Now it looks like this: For a crude explanation of how it works, refer below: Before edit: The following workflow does precisely what you've described: https://github.com/mr-pennyworth/alfred-gif I know you want to write your own, so, you can take a loo
  9. Hmm... Not sure whether it is possible... I for sure can't think of a way I'm not sure whether this could be somehow used: https://karabiner-elements.pqrs.org/ but give it a look? Till then, I guess you're stuck with pressing enter to paste
  10. Agreed. You can always create your own keybindings though. Check this link for an example and explanation: Just create a workflow with the following:
  11. The following work too: control-n (for down) control-p (for up)
  12. Whoops! My bad Meant Alfred's debugger. This is great!! The browser tab for authentication opens. There are no "command not found" errors in the debugger anymore. If you do the exact same thing as in the video, but with the actual secret and ID. I want to say "it'll work!". However, you've repeatedly told us that it didn't Sadly, I've got nothing further to help but to say, "try one last time exactly like in video, but with the id and the secret"
  13. Same thing for me! Here's a last-ditch effort: I loved how you shared that video! It was very helpful Based on the back-and-forth so far, I feel like we'd be able to spot what's going wrong if you could share an entire video of the download-edit-save-run process with console open. To make sure that you're not sharing the client secret in the video, in the "edit" phase, just add 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx' to the relevant lines in the rb file instead of actual secret. (by the way, I should clarify that it is perfectly fine to share the app id and client secret f
  14. Can you confirm that this is the first line of google-drive.rb file? #!/usr/bin/ruby
  15. As @deanishe has pointed out, This isn't how it should be done. Try the following: Download the workflow (the .alfredworkflow file): https://github.com/azai91/alfred-drive-workflow/releases/download/v2.1/Google-Drive.alfredworkflow Double click on the downloaded file to open it with alfred Right click on the workflow inside Alfred, and select "Open in Finder" In the finder window that's opened in (3), edit the google-drive.rb file with your own credentials. Save the file Run the workflow
  16. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/script-filter/json/ Search for "Rerunning script filters automatically" on that page
  17. That can easily be determined. Free versions have a limit of 100 searches per month or so. (for all of the services listed there) Q: Do you want "search as you type"? A: If yes, free version won't be enough because because each query in alfred could result in tens of queries to the service. Q: Do you see yourself using this workflow more than thrice a day on average? A: If yes, free version won't be enough because you'll run out of your quota way before the month ends.
  18. @allenrowand try this: import decimal import sys query = float("{query}") output = str(round(decimal.Decimal((query*.029)+.3),2)) sys.stdout.write(output) sys.stdout.flush() The newline is coming from the `print` function
  19. 1) Copy image file in finder -> paste in firefox (Hangouts) works! 2) Copy something else -> Use Alfred's clipboard history to paste the same file from (1) -> doesn't work! It always works in chrome though. So looks like something wonky with firefox!
  20. Cleanshot (a screenshotting tool) too does something similar (puts file as well as image data onto the pasteboard) Thanks sooooo much for pointing this out!!
  21. Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp for Web (all in firefox) Works for this forum and google docs though. I guess each website handles paste according their own whims and fancies!
  22. Very justifiable!! It's just that the single-representation approach breaks my workflow (sounds too much xkcd-like I know 😂) Cleanshot is a screenshot app with some handy features. I'm so used to just pasting the screenshot without thinking whether it is the browser or finder. That works because it puts a file as well as the png and tiff data onto the pasteboard. I keep getting tripped over "Why isn't Alfred pasting the screenshot I copied just a while ago?" and then "oh yeah, cuz now it is just a file". I didn't post on the forums before as I felt it would be too
  23. Many applications put multiple types of entries onto the pasteboard. Alfred, however seems to save only one of those. This creates unexpected behavior like the one described by @deanishe here: I can imagine that an argument can be made that "it is not a bug, it is just that Alfred's clipboard manager is not as feature rich". And for that reason, I'm opening this thread as a feature request
  24. I found the old scrollbar behavior very helpful. It immediately told me that there are more results and not just the 9. From a UX perspective, I think the macOS behavior to "show scrollbar only while scrolling" isn't exactly the same Alfred's latest choice. In most places (like a browser for example), there are plenty other visual affordances to let you know that "there is more content". For example, looking at a webpage, or an article, it becomes apparent most of the times that there's more stuff below the fold. In contrast, the scrollbar was the sole indicator of it in Alfred. So
  25. @raphaelhuleux soon someone more knowledgeable will come along and give a more sensible solution... In the meanwhile, here's how I've been solving the same problem: In the hotkey setting, set "Argument" to "text" and set the text to period "." followed by space
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