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  1. I do see it... Google Chrome System Events Finder Terminal
  2. @scafaj hmm... sorry, I'm confused... is it working now? Or is the issue still there even after enabling "system events"?
  3. @scafaj: regarding the above, make sure that alfred has Security & Privacy > Automation > System Events.app permission
  4. @scafaj can you confirm that you aren't using 'Alfred Classic' theme? If you are, then either change the theme or duplicate it and use the duplicated one. If you are not, can you reboot and check if the problem persists? If you reboot and it persists, I'm not sure what might be going wrong... while I try to figure that out, you can do the following meanwhile: Open the workflow folder. Open the file search.sh The last two lines will be: echo "{ \"items\": $items }" \ | 'AlfredExtraPane.app/Contents/Resources/scripts/alfred-extra-pane' Change that to: echo "{ \"items\": $items }" (remove last line, and remove the "\" from second last line) This will disable live preview, but you'll get the search results. Pressing shift on a search result will give you a preview.
  5. @scafajAlso to decide whether the problem is with the dictionary search and indexing or with the viewer, you can open in your browser and try searching there. Does it show results at all?
  6. @scafaj: thanks! I had missed the update to your original post. The logs are helpful! I have a guess what is going on. Can you run this in terminal? osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to display dialog "Hello!"' It should create a simple dialog box like this: If it does not, I'm not sure how to fix the problem, I had faced similar problem and wasn't able to find a solution. The only solution I know is rebooting Also, what Alfred theme are you using?
  7. @scafaj hmm... not much info to investigate... I imported both the dictionaries that you mention and they worked properly. Few questions to help me understand the problem better: After importing the fist dictionary, did that work? How long did you wait between finishing the first import and starting the second import? Did you get a "waiting for index to be ready..." box after each import? (see screenshot) Can you post a screenshot of the workflow editor? Can you run this in terminal and post the output here? ls -alh ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred/Workflow\ Data/mr.pennyworth.betterDicts/ Can you paste the contents of ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred/Workflow\ Data/mr.pennyworth.betterDicts/db.log https://dpaste.com and post the link here? In case you just want to reset everything and start from a clean state Delete the workflow Run killall alfred-dict-server; killall BetterDict; rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred/Workflow\ Data/mr.pennyworth.betterDicts/ Reinstall the workflow
  8. @majjoha I have updated the workflow to support importing any macOS dictionary. I checked by importing Politikens Nudansk Ordbog and it seemed to work. Give it a try!
  9. @Nrevi: does this file exist on your machine? Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/appearance/options/prefs.plist Can you post its contents?
  10. @majjoha: is the Danish dictionary available in Dictionary.app that comes with macOS? If yes, I'm working on the next version of this workflow, where you will be able to use any dictionary that's available in Dictionary.app. If not, I'm sorry, but there's no easy way for me to add support. However, if you are a programmer, you could look at the code and see if you can re-use any of it.
  11. @Pinuz, I don't have a multi-monitor setup, so a bit difficult to test it out. I have a suspicion what the bug might be, but can't verify for sure. Can you help me out? Open the workflow directory in finder: Run in terminal: killall AlfredExtraPane Download the modified AlfredExtraPane.app, extract it, and replace the one already present with the downloaded one. Run .setup-better-english-dictionary See if the issue is solved by doing a dictionary search or whether it still misbehaves.
  12. @Pinuz, does it happen only when you search for the first time or does it happen all the time? Also, could you describe your screen setup?
  13. Just wanted to make sure, when you are searching by content, for example, you are searching for the content "installation instructions", are you typing "installation instructions" in alfred or "in installation instructions"? In alfred, you need to start with the "in" keyword to be able to search by content. Just putting this out there because I had faced the same problem and I took some time to discover the "in" keyword.
  14. @RCL I've fixed the issue. (Download it from the link in the main post) Thanks @deanishe!
  15. @RCL: does this file exist on your machine? /Users/rcl/OneDrive/Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/appearance/options/prefs.plist Also can you tell me what the output for following command is when you run it in terminal? ls -LR '/Users/rcl/OneDrive/Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/appearance'
  16. Yayy! Awesome to hear that!! 🎉🥳 you're the best! Keeping my fingers crossed! 🤞🏼
  17. Yep. I tried to make that list exhaustive. What I'm curious to know is which among the above are @Andrew's reasons. (must admit I'm clinging onto the teeeny tiny hope that he replies "no reason not to... watch out for it in some future release". but short of that, it's just a good thing to know the "why" )
  18. @deanishe @Andrew I totally get the idea that an HTML preview-pane isn't widely useful, and probably doesn't even fit into Alfred's core design philosophy. However, I think some workflows' UX could benefit considerably if they had such an option available. This POC could suddenly become so much more polished and robust if there was a Distributed Notification for "result selected/highlighted" that external processes could subscribe to. The data for that notification would contain entire json for the highlighted result. Then, instead of manually tracking keypresses and mouse-movements like the tool does now, it could simply subscribe to such a notification. It would also remove the need to crudely guess how alfred's "knowledge" works. I know it's quite unlikely that such a thing will be implemented, as I can already see so many reasons not to. I just wanted to pick your brain about what your reasoning would be... Performance: posting distributed notifications slows stuff down. Feature/code bloat: not worth adding to Alfred's codebase something that'll only be used by some obscure tool. Non-trivial implementation: would need time/refactoring disproportionate to usefulness. Undesirable extension: don't want to expose weird APIs. Priority: proposal sounds good, but there are just way too many things with greater priority that it'll be a very long time to come to this. Undesirable functionality: want to discourage such "alfred companion tools". If I were the developer, my reason to not implement would've been some combination of the above. How about you?
  19. @Nrevi Thesaurus is a good idea! I updated the workflow. Now, in the main search, results from the thesaurus show up too (they are not very highly ranked though, and this ranking is something I don't really know how to control well). Also, added another keyword "thesaurus" which will exclusively search in the thesaurus. So, if the thesaurus result doesn't show up in the main search (because the ranking algorithm somehow finds not very useful), you can this keyword instead. (Download it from the link in the main post)
  20. @RCL, Assuming that indeed was the problem, I've updated the workflow. Re-download using the same link and see if it is fixed?
  21. Thanks @RCL for the log! Because I have no way of testing as I'm not on BigSur, this is just a guess, but I think I have a fix open -g "asciimath://render?x%5E2%2Bz%5E2" Try the above command in terminal and see if it works. If it does, I'll accordingly update the workflow.
  22. @RCL hmm... that's very strange! both the parts about the terminal commands not working, and about the workflow still showing "x+y=z" I don't have access to a BigSur machine, but here's a last thing to try: 1. In the workflow, right-click on the script filter, and post a screenshot here so that I can double-check the exact code you're running 2. Keeping the debugger open, try "x^2+y^2" inside alfred and let me know what it renders and also the full text of the debugging output.
  23. @RCL hmm... yeah, it could be BigSur. I haven't tested on it. In the meanwhile, can you open the workflow folder in terminal (like in the screenshot) and then run the following command twice? open -a 'AsciiMath Renderer.app' 'asciimath://render?x^2+y^2' (on the first run, likely it won't show anything at all, hence twice) Basically, I want to figure out whether it has problem especially with powers or with anything that's longer that one letter... For that, it'll be awesome if you could try out something simple in alfred like "x+y=z" and see if renders or whether even in that case it is just "x"...
  24. @RCL I just tried x^2 and it did show correctly... can you run this command in terminal and confirm it just shows "x+y"? open -g "asciimath://render?x^2+y^2" Or, does it show x^2+y? Or, does it show x^2+y^2 correctly? Also make sure that "alfred filters results" is not checked in the workflow. (see screenshot)
  25. Would love to know more about your process behind figuring this out @deanishe! I opened network inspector, saw a bunch of XHRs fetching JSON and gave up thinking its all dynamic! 😁
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