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  1. @vero How do I export my custom searches en masse, please? I know I can export one by copying a URL for sharing. I want to export all custom searches. (I want to save them in a version control system, Git.)
  2. P.S. And I can lock again with the Alfred 4 "lock" command. Yay!
  3. Thanks @Vero I can no longer start Alfred 1.2 (from the App Store) after updating to macOS Catalina 11.2.3. So I removed Alfred 1.2 and installed latest Alfred 4. How do I add my custom searches? I have the Alfred URLs for sharing from Alfred 1.2, like: alfredapp://customsearch/World%20Wide%20Web/w/ascii/url=https://{query} How do I add them to Alfred 4, please?
  4. Hi! I updated to Big Sir this morning, and I noticed Alfred's "Lock" command (to lock the screen) doesn't work anymore. No error, it just doesn't do anything. I checked Alfred in the App Store and I'm running the latest version of Alfred. Thanks! This is a fantastic tool, very helpful.
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