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  1. The app causing that was TickTick, because my shortcut (Cmd+Shift+O) seemed to coincide with its default global one (and by strange coincidence, the other shortcut I used for testing, Cmd+Option+Cmd+Z, coincided as well). Thank you again for quick response and have a nice day!
  2. BTW, @Andrew, thank you very much for the Alfred tool. I literally cannot imagine my workflow without it now.
  3. OK, it seems that the problem is in my setup. I killed all the other apps and it started working. I think some other app started acting up a bit differently after upgrade to Big Sur. Sorry to bother you, I guess the issue can be closed. I'll look into that and maybe will post what app caused that, so that other people bumping into that will see it.
  4. Yes. I re-tried it again, and now I also re-started macOS in between the steps (after disabling all the Accessibility preferences, and then after re-enabling again). I still cannot get selection text in a workflow it seems.
  5. Thank you, @Andrew, for the response. Unfortunately, it didn't do it for me. I disabled and re-enabled the permissions, however I still have the issue. Do you have any other ideas? If you need me to run/try something to debug the issue, please, let me know.
  6. Both Alfred 3, Alfred 4 on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Create a hotkey trigger Use selection in macOS as argument Expected: The selection is passed to the next actions Actual: No value passed Simple reproduction case: Dropbox link
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