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    Minimal theme

    This is my minimal theme, inspired by google search and spotlightšŸ˜ƒ White select: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/7dO1riaGhj/ Blue select: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/2TgpEfDwRa/
  2. elnadav12

    macOS Big Sur

    This theme is absolutely awesome. Most people won't even notice that's not spotlight! The only thing I changed was the horizontal window padding -> zero. The rounded corners glitch is a little annoying but that's a small compromise for this incredible design! Thanks Julian!
  3. For the Dark Sky fans among us (who registered for the API before apple took over), here's a folder with dark sky's weather icons, with names matched for the weather workflow: https://gofile.io/d/VCsvQa Click on the workflow, open in finder -> icons and unzip the folder. Then, select it via the Alfred search bar, WTO keyword, icons option -> dark sky.
  4. Ohh I see... Thanks a lot! Great workflow for conversions, stock prices and quick general search.
  5. Thanks a lot! The API is limited to 2000 calls a month, will this script call the api each time I write a new letter?
  6. Hello, After some looking around I found this workflow that uses WolframAlpha's api to get direct search results. https://www.packal.org/workflow/wolframalpha This workflow is very cool but takes ages to load. WolframAlpha has a cool short answer api that returns answer to a url with the question. https://products.wolframalpha.com/short-answers-api/documentation/ Since it's that simple I imagine that making a workflow that fetches the url, for example "http://api.wolframalpha.com/v1/result?appid=DEMO&i={query}", and returns the result as an Alfred title wouldn
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