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  1. That's very weird 🤔 After that you enter the token you should receive either 'Authentication succeeded! Enjoy the workflow' or 'Authentication failed! Check your token and your internet connection'. Could it be that your connection is very slow and the request fails in some unexpected way? Have you tried to wait a bit more before creating a new task?
  2. Can you copy paste here the log from the `asn set token` to the `asn create`? To see the log open the workflow on Alfred and click on the bug on the top right corner. Before sending the reply please remove your real token
  3. I've updated the workflow. You should get an automatic update. Changelog Features Show recently used items first In the report, aggregate small tasks in "Other"
  4. This readme could be outdated. Here there's the updated one. Create new tasks, mark tasks complete, and track the hours spent on each task. Installation 1. Download the latest release of the workflow. 2. Double click to add it to Alfred. 3. Run any command and follow the instructions for the setup. Reports If you want to generate reports of what you have done, you need to install QLMarkdown, a QuickLook plugin to preview Markdown files. To install it, open a terminal and run the following command brew cask install qlmarkdown Usage Commands
  5. Thank you for trying to solve this Unfortunately, the bug is still there.
  6. This happens all the time, if and only if I have the second screen connected. I have a Retina 2880 x 1800 screen on the right and a 1600 x 900 external screen on the left.
  7. Thank you so much, that's amazing! Though, I think I've found a bug when there are multiple screens (if I use only one, everything goes perfectly).
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