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  1. Okay thank you for your time, I'll use the "shift" method for now
  2. God, didn't even see it at first look 😴 luckily you put it in bold In fact it was already checked so, when i restore the default search.sh no results is shown... 😕
  3. There is no "System events", look at my screenshot above
  4. @Mr Pennyworth I didn't see this element.
  5. @Mr Pennyworth Ok I tried to reboot my mac but it doesn't fixed my issue. But when I removed the last line as you told me, it works
  6. @Mr Pennyworth This script is working and I succesfully got the "Hello!" message I am using a custom theme but I tried with some other (except Alfred Classic) and still the same The localhost server is up and the meilisearch is working perfectly
  7. @Mr Pennyworth Just wanted to make sure you read my update on my first post. I posted the Error logs There is what you asked: ----- [2020-11-25T12:51:22Z INFO actix_web::middleware::logger] "POST /indexes/com-apple-dictionary-fr-Multi/settings/searchable-attributes HTTP/1.1" 202 14 "-" "python-requests/2.25.0" 0.001002 [2020-11-25T12:51:22Z INFO actix_web::middleware::logger] "POST /indexes/com-apple-dictionary-fr-Multi/settings/displayed-attributes HTTP/1.1" 202 14 "-" "python-requests/2.2
  8. I think something went wrong during the importation and now nothing is showing up. I already give the required permission I imported two dictionary (Multidictionnary french & Oxford French) now when I type lookup > Oxford > Already desapear @Mr Pennyworth Is it possible to completely remove and reinstall the imported data? I didn't find their location EDIT: I found the location /Users/{usr}/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/mr.pennyworth.betterDicts/ I remove everything and reinstalled but it doesn't seem to wor
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