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  1. Anyway to modify this and just grab the link of the website?
  2. Hmmm... but couldn’t you say the Alfred icon that’s present by default doesn’t provide useful information? It also draws your eyes away from where you’re going to start typing.
  3. Thank you, but doesn’t this also require setting up a keyword such as “g” or “gs”? I would like the suggestions to pop up without having to enter a keyword.
  4. The magnifying glass is good because it keeps query text aligned with the search results. I could stretch the padding of the icons on the left side so that the text aligns better, but this wouldn't look as good. Also it'd be nice if the icon of what you're opening would appear on the right side of the search bar.
  5. Currently I have setup "g" as a keyword for Google search with suggestions. I was wondering if there's a way to make this the default for Alfred like it is for Spotlight.
  6. Download here. I wanted to create the cleanest Alfred theme which looked as close as possible to Spotlight. I turned off file locations in the Alfred Theme options menu by setting "Show result subtext" to "Only for Alternative Actions." Much cleaner! (Also turn off the Alfred icon) This will only get better with Alfred 4.3, which will allow for a Spotlight-like background blur, and also a rounded selected result background. Also, is it possible to add a magnifying glass to the left-side like Spotlight? This is important so that the query text aligns with the search results.
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