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  1. Is there a way I can get my snippets to work in a Windows 10 VM in Parallels? They're set to auto-trigger and whilst they do paste in Windows, it pastes the previously run snippet, not the one I've just typed. Keyboard Maestro manages this quite easily, but I can't figure it out for Alfred. I don't really want to run both.
  2. Lol, yes I'm sure the file exists. I've tried that and it runs without errors in the debugger, but doesn't paste the image in mail. It does work in other apps though, so unless it's fixed in either an Apple or Alfred update I guess it just won't work. With regards to running a snippet that calls the image paste workflow, I've never managed to get that to paste the clipboard. When I say "returns" I mean that the snippet calls the workflow because I'm using ;emailsignew in the snippet, but it just shows the text ";emailsignew" instead of pasting the clipboard.
  3. I'm getting the following error from the debugger - [14:17:08.247] ERROR: Expand Image[Run Script] /Users/stephengreenhalgh/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Scripts/ED03D6FF-F57C-4974-8F9D-A59D80E7E5C7:156:161: execution error: Can’t make "/Users/stephengreenhalgh/emailbanner.jpg" into type alias. (-1700)
  4. The error must be in the second line because when I type in the workflow keyword and shared prefix it returns the part in quotes set filePath to "/Users/stephengreenhalgh/emailbanner.jpg" set the clipboard to POSIX file ((POSIX path of "/Users/stephengreenhalgh/emailbanner.jpg") as alias)
  5. The debugger doesn't look like it's picking anything up. Is there a way to run it, or does it just highlight errors if there are any? I've copied the file path from finder. I wondered if iCloud was causing an issue and moved the image to my local user folder, but I'm still getting the same issue in that the signature is coming out as - kind regards Steve G ;emailsignew disclaimer.
  6. I've tried your code second line and mine, and both return the same - in the snippet I use ;emailsignew to call the image which should be on the clipboard and my signature just shows - "Kind regards Steve G ;emailsignew discliamer text." If I type ;emailsignew anywhere I just get the contents of the clipboard, which is never the stored image.
  7. Hi @deanishe I thought I had quoted the file path on the second line. You can see that on the original comment of this post. set the clipboard to POSIX file (POSIX path of ((POSIX file (/Users/xyz/Documents/folder/emailbanner.jpg)) as alias))
  8. Also, in the snippet that calls the workflow I have the ;emailsig keyword in the middle of the snippet, but that just comes out in plain text as ;emailsig instead of pasting the clipboard contents (which should be the image).
  9. The workflow itself is just pasting the current contents of the clipboard in other applications, instead of the image.
  10. Hi @deanishe Dropbox link to the workflow (hopefully) https://www.dropbox.com/s/4gx75el028nm9sh/Expand Image.alfredworkflow?dl=0 I'm trying to use the keyword and shared prefix of the workflow in a snippet to kind of call the workflow to paste the image when the snippet runs.
  11. Hi, I'm using the following script in a workflow to paste an image into a snippet for an email signature, but all it's pasting is the shared prefix ";" and keyword "emailsignew". set filePath to "/Users/xyz/Documents/folder/emailbanner.jpg" set the clipboard to POSIX file (POSIX path of ((POSIX file (/Users/xyz/Documents/folder/emailbanner.jpg)) as alias)) Any help would be appreciated.
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