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  1. Okay. I've just looked up "search a textfile and display search results in a new textfile" and the linked article was the most accurate result, as far as I can estimate the accuracy of an article on that topic. It just works. Thank you. I guess I am going to use it with Geektool on my desktop. Cheers!
  2. Hey folks! Since I'm not a pythonista it's neccessary to ask you for some help. I tried to create a workflow that simply does the following: Search in a given textfile for {query} -> extract the matching lines -> save matching lines in a textfile named results.txt That's basically it. I found a python recipe which is relevant but I couldn't figure out how to adapt it for a workflow in Alfred. I'm thankful for any help on that. Cheers!
  3. Thank you for sharing. Very useful! Can't wait to set up my Pomodoros.
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