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  1. @deanishe do you have any idea here? For some workflows, I want to trigger them externally, but don’t want/need the Alfred search bar to show up. My workaround is making a contrived hotkey, like cmd+opt+shift+ctrl+fn+a, and simulating those keys instead.
  2. On my macOS, I have a list of convenient auto-text replacements (`System Preferences` > `Keyboard` > `Text`). However, these can be quite annoying in the Alfred window. Particularly when a suggesting comes up and you want to ↓ through the list of results, but instead your stuck on the suggestion popup (which you can make go away with ↡). Is there a way to disable this behavior specifically in the Alfred window? I know other apps don't seem to respect these text replacements altogether πŸ€”
  3. The Problem I have an external trigger in my workflow. When I call it, the search bar appears, even though there's no need to -- the subsequent logic requires no input from the search bar (see screenshot blow). Additional Context - The rest of the logic works as desired; but there's just this search bar in the way that I have to dismiss now
  4. Desired Result: Use logic from one workflow in another, to avoid duplication of logic Example: - I have a `Markdown Links` workflow that can generate a markdown link from the current Chrome tab - `Workflow 2` wants to leverage that logic without having to duplicate it So what would be nice would be being able to call the external trigger for `Markdown Links`, have it return back the link it generated back to `Workflow 2`, and do whatever I want with it. The problem is that it doesn't seem like the `External Trigger` output allows to you do subsequent logic (in other words, it's just a "stub" at the right of the object). Workaround (?) I guess a workaround (that at least works in this case), would just be to: 1. Have `Markdown Links` copy the generated text to the clipboard 2. Call its external trigger from `Workflow 2` 3. Simultaneously (since you can't do logic _after_ calling an External Trigger): 1. Wait .2 seconds (for the trigger to finish) 2. Paste the text where necessary But I think that's only going to work in a few scenarios. In others, pasting may not work or be desired in any capacity.
  5. @Andrew any chance this gets implemented? Specifically it's really nice for workflows where you're searching the content of a file. e.g. `nb query` to search for "query" in markdown files, then execute a Vim search for the query to immediately highlight occurrences.
  6. Cool. Totally makes sense about matching macOS default behavior, but I agree that optionality would be nice πŸ™‚
  7. The Problem: If I enter a query that has scrollable results, I can't tell if there are more results than what's visible. That's because it seems like the scrollbar only seems to show once you scroll past the initially viewable results Solutions Tried: - Tried looking to see if this is a theme-specific problem, but couldn't find anything (the default Alfred themes have this behavior as well) - Tried changing macOS settings for when to show scroll bar, but none of the options worked (System Preferences > General > Show scroll bars)
  8. @deanishe perfect, that works great for my use case. Thanks!
  9. Desired Outcome: Being able to access zsh env vars in `Script`s in workflows (i.e. `$__TRELLO-TOKEN`), so that I can pass it to scripts (e.g. php) Rationale: Currently, my `Alfred.alfredpreferences` are tracked in my dotfiles repository. Because of that, I don't want to push any access tokens to GitHub. Since most workflows that touch third-party APIs require you to enter credentials that end up somewhere in source code, I want to put them in my `.zshrc__private` file and then access them in scripts (i.e. for the Trello workflow here: https://github.com/MikoMagni/Trello-Workflow-for-Alfred) Background: Initially, my Alfred preferences went into my dotfiles because I worked for an enterprise that disallowed Dropbox. I could move back to a Dropbox strategy at some point, but to be honest sometimes the version control is kind of nice (and simplifies things for me, as I don't have to bring in Dropbox as a dependency). Is there any way to do this?
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